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    Currently the Fallen Warriors near Reklar cant be killed in the middle of a Reklar fight and makes the fight very annoying. Can these please be affected by the Reklars Slayer damage too like the Mylocs and the Myloc Queen?
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    That would be a negative. That isn't how the battle is supposed to work.
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    Okay, so to verify I understand what you say. You are supposed to get adds which you cant kill and slaughter you can the whole group while fighting Reklar simply because damaging Reklars takes 1 toon to spam the boon whole the time, and thus players cant kill adds due the spamming boon effect.

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    Hope not- or I wll never get that scale

    Reklar hunts are difficult enough on order..

    Hmm*tries to remember* has it always been that way??
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    That's why it is best to pull him into the fortress or something.

    As long as he isn't spawning adds that cannot be damaged with boon up... that would be kinda crummy.

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    ? i remember reklar hunts as needing the shards you get from the little ghosts that spawn around him, if you did not stock up on enough of them then you get 1-2 folks harvesting shards for the boon spammers while others slam on reklar hard and fast as they can (useful to have an archer who can stun reklar among those doing that). spreading out is important, too, so you don't all become wisps at the same time :-/

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    I don't see the hard part about the adds? Can't you just let the boon fade (or even remove it manually) and mangle the adds, then resume whacking Reklar?

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    well you don't want to give reklar the chance to recover from damage already dealt... so to coordinate efforts you have to watch out for range of effects from the boon, or fight reklar in a spot where spawn is not an issue.

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    It should be no big deal to have one single person on add-duty if nessecary. That someone would just have to remove his boon every now and then and kill the adds. It's not like they're tough enemies.

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    theoretically you are right, Morph- if there are enough members in group^^
    you want leave the caster and the healer alone with Reklar^^

    btw- how about some Reklar hunts this weekend on order?
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    You can also root/mezz the adds, unless someone makes a AE that breaks that. xD

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