Greetings Istarians!

We have decided to extend the Spread the Word program officially to a new category. This brand new way of spreading the word is to write and post reviews on sites dedicated to such. If you choose to take this path, you will only be required to make a single review every month to qualify for an additional plot slot on your account.

A few examples of sites that allow users to post game reviews are:

Raptr -
Review any Game -
Giant Bomb -

Remember that the internet is vast and we highly encourage people to look for more sites to post reviews on than the examples provided above. We would like to mention however that as always, only content that has been thoughtfully written out qualifies as a post. This means that while "Istaria rules!!11!" is flattering to us, it doesn't provide a very thoughtful base for an individual to read and decide whether it is worth playing Istaria.

Please read our updated Spread the Word guidelines here.