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    So, I'm thinking about having my young Scout start fletching. I been looking around the forum for a guide on how best to level up on fletching. Who to go see and how best to get leveled up in the easiest and quickest manner possible. Whats best to start off with as far as items go. What to work with after that each level? Basic things like that. So far I havent really found anything. Is there any type of guide out there? Or failing that any info the experienced fletchers can pass onto a newb archer?

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    As with any crafting class, making and autodeconning items that use a skill required by the class is the way to get faster XP. You get the best return of XP for resources used if you target formulas with an opt skill closest to your current skill. Each tier has a series of 4 levels of skill to target.
    For weapons (fletching skill), shortbow/longbow/crossbow/club, then composite shortbow/composite longbow/heavy crossbow/cudgel, fine shortbow/fine longbow/fine crossbow/fine club, then fine composite shortbow/fine composite longbow/fine heavy crossbow/fine cudgel.
    For wood tools (woodworking skill), board plane requires least skill, then bucket, baking spatula, and alteration wand.
    Good crafting!

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