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Thread: Storage access?

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    Default Storage access?

    I am the owner of a plot , and have freinds helping to build on it.

    Thing is they cant get access to the silos or other storage buildings.

    The plot is set to all...

    then permission is set to freinds only.

    I go click on the buildings i want freinds only to have access make it freinds only, but they still cant add to items to store inside?

    I want people to be able to use the work stations but only have freinds use the storage areas..

    Any ideas on this? I have asked on chat and what there saying is not working..

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    Default Re: Storage access?

    Did you manually add their names to the friends list on the plot? It doesn't go off your regular friends list.

    The way I do it for alts and friends is the room/buildings are set to allow all. Then the final permission tab is set to friends only. If you want to reserve a building/room for your use only then set that structure to deny all. The only drawback to this is you can't have any public silos (open to anyone) using the friends list. Work stations (machines) are available for anyone to use no matter what setting you have on them. Only glitch I sometimes see with the friends list is I have one alt with a short name containing 4 letters. Sometimes that name doesn't appear on the friends list but I still have access.

    Hope this helps,


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    Default Re: Storage access?

    Thanks i will give it a try..

    And yes i manually added the names to freind list..

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