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    what are the requirements to make a cargo disk and where do i learn to make one?

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    Tinkerers make cargo discs

    There are lots of different cargo discs that can be made.

    The 1st one is a standard sandstone disc that is craft lvl 5 to use. Its 90 tinkering skill at min to 190 at optimal to make.

    You need 100 base metalworking to join Tinkerer.

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    Alternatively, dragons can make some cargo disks too. I think the DCRA skill requirements are higher though, since use of the disks starts at level 20.
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    Correct. Dragons can get a quest at crafting 20 to make a dragon cargo disk.

    Nielenoss gives you the forms needed as you run all over the place and back, one step at a time, gathering the materials and making the resource bits to create a disk. it is a single stack disk.

    After that, you get to buy the forms needed from Nielenoss to make the rest of the dragon disk line, and it progresses every 20 levels after.
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    Thanks for the info guys. Just need to up my metalworking then I can start making one.

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