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Thread: Ambrosia??

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    Default Ambrosia??

    Simple question , can you make Ambrosia still?

    And if so were do you get the formula now?

    It use to be a quest long ago..

    Thanks for any info on this..

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    The quest for the formula was taken out of game when the confectioner revamp came about. The ambrosia itself is no longer as useful, since it only removes max 8 hours from the dp timer (I'm not even sure if it gets doubled in a tavern) which is 28 hours at level 100. Aside from that, if you have the formula and can round up the components, yes, it is still possible to make ambrosia.

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    Default Re: Ambrosia??

    Thanks for the info..
    I had the formula long ago but cant find it now, go figure..

    Ive taken up the confectioner craft but dont see anything till higher lvls that give any were near 8 hours of removal time at lower lvl items..

    Oh well...will keep trying.. thanks again

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    Default Re: Ambrosia??

    Ambrosia can remove 24 hours from your death point in a T6 Taverne, however it comes at the cost of 1 hour waiting before using again.

    You will probably be able to make the stuff, but it has been nerved into near uselessness.
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    Default Re: Ambrosia??

    The form still seems to drop for Ambrosia, but unless you've already got the form for spirit oil(can no longer be aquired) you will not be able make it.

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    The J-Man Ambrosia form drops off mobs, I never noticed that before.

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    Default Re: Ambrosia??

    Ambrosia gets doubled in tavern and works on a separat timer, still useful though. Just a pity that the quest has been taken out of game
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