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Thread: Java Launcher Comments

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    Default Java Launcher Comments

    Request for feedback on the java launcher proposal:

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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    Yes please. From a less than technical standpoint, Java is a far less painful install experience and is required for even some web browsing, so players are more likely to have java installed than .NET.

    Considering all the problems that keep creeping up with it, I'd rather see something that functions far more reliable than what it is now. Constantly having to fix it steals developer time that can be used giving us shinies

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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    I think its a fantastic idea to have a java based launcher. There are a lot of issues people have with .NET, I have had to walk people through them several times.. one of them I couldn't even figure out how to fix no matter what I thought of (and I work as a computer tech) granted it was over the phone so there really was only so much I could do.

    But in any case, I think it would be truly a great thing to have!

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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    Java would be rather step forward, and I also wonder if working with .Net requires additional licences fees for development tools.. that would ease up things a little too =)

    So yeah.. its a vote for it from me too.


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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    I don't think I ever installed Java? I'm not sure.

    I could install it, I don't really foresee that being a problem I guess. If it will make things more reliable, I can't really see why not, just as long as we do not have to start using web browsers to log into the game (I _hated_ those days). The linked thread said that there'd be no change to the look and feel of the launcher, so that's good.

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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    The recent changes you have made to the launcher have already improved my login time dramatically. But if you want to test Java I am willing to try it. Anything more to improve the login would be greatly appreciated. Java is common on most computers so I am game
    Thank you for asking for our opinion.

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    Thumbs up Re: Java Launcher Comments

    This would be really nice for us linux users and hopefully make the java launcher I currently maintain obsolete

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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    We have Java installed on all our home machines, but have no preference for .net vs java. I suspect Java would be generally less configuration problem prone though from my experience with .net. I have had a lot of problems with various libraries and registration issues etc.

    I know you said no change in functionality, but I'll reiterate here, you REALLY need a quick load last character played or something button. Having to navigate past the daily announcments, then EULA, then finding your character, and then launching is a bit of a pain each time.

    I have a batch file but I don't anticipate most general players who don't have some significant computer background to be able to figure it out. Even for myself it took about half an hour of trial and error to get all the parameters for the launcher and getting it set up right, and I am a developer by trade.

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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    Quote Originally Posted by HratLi View Post
    I know you said no change in functionality, but I'll reiterate here, you REALLY need a quick load last character played or something button. Having to navigate past the daily announcments, then EULA, then finding your character, and then launching is a bit of a pain each time.
    I second that!

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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    Quite honestly, I'm not sure if i actually use .NET for anything besides Istaria. A switch to Java would be great, especially with it regularly updated and maintained. Also, it tells you when an update is available unlike .NET. I say go for the switch.
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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    I use Java both for webchatting and for This keeps me current with java updates all the time. If it'd help out the new players and maintain the launcher's function, then I'm all for it.
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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    I must have Java installed as I keep getting a message saying that java.exe has encountered a problem and has to close...since this often crashes me out of the game it might be a problem for me, lol

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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    Is Java still a memory hog?
    Will the Java launcher release the memory after it is finished launching?

    The only real interaction I've had recently with a Java game is Wurm Online and it likes to act like it is Queen of the World. (i.e. it does not like to work & play well with anything else active at the same time)

    Luckily I don't try to do other things while playing Wurm except to go to their wiki.

    If changing to Java helps to make a more enjoyable game experience and doesn't cause us more grief and swearing about Istaria being a memory hog, then it sounds like a winning idea.
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    Exclamation Re: Java Launcher Comments

    FWIW: Please note the launch of a lawsuit on the part of Oracle against Google re their usage of a Java engine within the Android OS.

    Despite their earlier protestations to the contrary, I myself fully expect Oracle to monetize the Java environment; quite possibly to the point that no developer will consider it a viable platform anymore.

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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    I'm not a fan of Java. Apps written for java can be buggy, only work on certain java versions, and Java is one of the ways malware can get into your PC, much moreso than .NET. Why do you think Java is updated so often? For the fun of it? It's for the constant security issues. Not saying there are never security issues with .NET, but Sun as a company hasn't been doing very well the last few years and I'm much more confident Microsoft will be around to patch their software than Sun will be.

    Someone will have to be constantly maintaining a Java launcher, making sure it works every time there is a new JavaVM client released, which is sometimes monthly...

    I'm against this.

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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    Have to agree with Guaran on this. Also is Java known for its crashes and overall instability.

    Why not use the time that it takes to make java launcher to fix the current launcher?
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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    Hmm, thanks for pointing out some of the legal issues, and the stuff about them updating JVM so often. I never heard about the legal stuff, but I had forgotten about the frequent updating of the client/software/etc... it makes me question whether or not this is a good idea, too.

    If only we had the manpower/tools to not need Java _or_ .NET, that would in the end be best-case scenario, to have a totally stand-alone launcher and game that doesn't need any sort of third-party runtimes or similar installed...

    But yeah, I think I'm starting to think against going the Java way myself after reading some of this. I was never a big fan of Java anyways.

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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    1) You should not blame buggy or poor-performing applications you encounter that are written in Java (or any language for that matter) on the language itself. 99.9% of the time the buggy applications are the fault of the programmers of the application itself.

    2) One big bonus with using Java is that Java is cross-platform - Windows and Linux.

    3) Oracle suing Google is not going to impact the future of Java. The lawsuit is with Android OS and is mostly because one of the top-dogs at Google used to work for Sun and helped develop Java in the first place. But, the lawsuit isn't going to impact Java whatsoever.
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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    No special preference here for either the .NET or Java run-time environments as far as the launcher and/or other executables are concerned. Both seem to run programs just fine on my computers.

    As far as the C# and Java *languages* go, I do have a much greater preference for programming in one over the other, but that's just me.

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    Default Re: Java Launcher Comments

    I've been contemplating whether of not to put in my own two cents on this for a while (mostly cause I am not all that tech savvy(ie I am a moron) and therefore probably missing a lot of important facts). That said, I figure it best I just say what's on my mind and risk sounding like an idiot than not say anything at all and regret it later.

    Personally... this is starting to sound a lot like the "grass is greener" kind of a deal. I mean sure it sounds all good.... in theory. But when has a change (big or small) EVER gone smoothly in this game? So I can't really buy into the whole idea that simply switching to Java will somehow miraculously solve all our current problems with .NET. (In fact... I am pretty darn sure, if anything, it will just create NEW unforeseen problems for us to tackle... as is the case with ANY change that has ever been made.) And if the reader here is about to say, "We'll make sure to test extensively on Blight, 'cause that is what it is for"....stop yourself now! Cause I know, you know, and all of Chaos knows that "testing" on Blight....means NOTHING. (I am sorry and mean no offense to the wonderful people of Blight-but the fact is, too many bugs make their way over to Chaos despite being on Blight for weeks and weeks that I cannot believe any real testing actually goes on on this server. Again I humbly apologize.)

    Lets think back shall we. Remember how there was an update made that required some people to update their .NET framework (version 2.0 I think it was)? If I had to describe how I was feeling after that little change was made... it would be "Freaking out". As I have stated before, I am not tech savvy AT ALL. So when I got that little error message mentioning how the game wouldn't run no more cause of this ".NET framework" thingy, I had NO idea what to do. Nowhere was there a mention about it. At no time did I recall seeing a message or sticky note posted somewhere warning people that they had made a change. NOTHING. And if there was, it was poorly done. Lucky for me, I had a second computer and was able to log in one more time, ask the folks ingame who knew about this kind of stuff, and download what was required to log back in again.

    Needless to say.... I am terrified of this propose change, because I don't want THIS to happen again. An even scarier thought is what if I can't get the help I need to fix it should a problem arise! (Which yea, was the case back when I was playing on Unity. If you had a problem, tough cookies, GN wasn't going to lift a finger to help you and the old Unity players can testify to that.)

    Another concern of mine, is I am not even sure I even have Java on my computer to begin with. (Nor do I have any clue on how to tell if I do). And if I don't, I have no idea how to get it! (Yea, I AM that stupid. Surprise, surprise, not everyone who plays this game is a rocket scientist!*exaggerating to make a point* And if you cannot cope with the idea that maybe, just maybe, some of your customers are idiots and have a solution to work with that- then this propose change might not be such a good idea.)

    In short... I give a big "NOOOOOOOOOOO. Please NO! For the love of all that is good-NO!" on the idea.
    And that is my paranoid, crazed, and idiotic two cents. Enjoy.

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