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    Default Grinding masson...

    At the moment im gathering granite , turning it into bricks then pestel and mortas (auto decon on)..

    lvl 52 masson and the exp is just barely a blip in the exp line..

    My tools are all up to date and im not using any crystals or teced tools..

    Carpenter was beter exp at same lvl doing oak , way beter..
    Any clue on beter set up..

    I dont have a house to add items to or know of anyone needing it..


    And they need a site with all the building size and storage limit/amount..

    The ones listed are nolonger around or only a few places not many..

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    Default Re: Grinding masson...

    what shard are you on, goin? cause on blight, there are lots of plots needing work, my own coming immediately to mind......
    otherwise, i say you just have to keep grinding away - i was lucky and had some friends who needed work done and those 2 plots got my mason to 100 easy peasy.
    my only other advice is to get to obsid asap - the field in char is perfect for leveling any stone related skewl....
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    Default Re: Grinding masson...

    OK thanks,,, im on will grind away....hahaha..

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    Check your sculpting skill level for best stone tool choice. When I was grinding scholar with my biped I hit lv80 making tools out in the granite. Last tool I was grinding on was glass blowing rod, same skill as the essence structurer but 2 fewer bricks to make. Good luck.


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    Default Re: Grinding masson...

    you could lvl scholar making tools?..

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    Default Re: Grinding masson...

    I believe so, as for mason just look for plots that have stone walls and try an buildem assuming owners dont mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goingnuts View Post
    you could lvl scholar making tools?..
    Before the revamp yes. That was the secret weapon (stone tools) to making scholar leveling bearable. I don't know how things will stack up now in that respect.


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    Default Re: Grinding masson...

    So, no teched tools. No teched cargo gear as well? What's your processing ratio from slabs to bricks?
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