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    Any one do the emblem quest for dragon relics and dwarf relics? Need 100 of each. Or the dung pile emblem? Want to know what suffix you get when you equip them. TY

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    I`m still on the relic quest.
    Though I started it on the the very first day.
    81/100 atm.
    I too alredy wondered if someone finished it.
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    Someone told me on Chaos server that the dwarven relic (100 relics) quest yielded the emblem Relic Hunter. The next one was (250 relics) The Protector. Something like that, but the first 100 is proving to be a pita. 250 relics! that's gonna really suck.

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    Just got it,

    no further quest with 250

    Uploaded with
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    I was told that in game, sorry for the mis info. Cool emblem and it is alot of work to get. You eat all the relics after that quest?

    Dung pile does go to next level 250 of them I believe.

    How do you get the picture in non link form? I can't insert images like that.

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    sorry Riaken- there IS another quest for 250 relic sets: Relic protector.
    I did not see yesterday.

    The pic was made with Image
    I did not use forum miniature, but forum code.
    Though this one is a bit too big^^
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