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    Quote Originally Posted by Marynah View Post
    ah, the CHP website just worked for me. I expect you did get the ~ before the marynah yes?
    Yep just clicked the link last time, can access the site now, thanks
    Chaos Shard
    Scarlet Dawn

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    The Black Eyes Of Istaria : Chaos Shard
    Dacurly Dac : Phoenix Fellowship Guild : Chaos Server

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    Regicides Website -

    It contains many guides, provided by players in the guild and outside it. It also contains information about Regicide (of course) and a list of Istaria mods. Enjoy those people in guild, and outside it!

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    Regicide updated it's guild site to

    If you wish to join Regicide, join and apply for the guild underneath the "Recruitment" tab.

    - Angel

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