We need a few technically savvy players to help with a new “alpha? testing program for changes to the client. This program will run a bit differently than our regular call for testers in a few ways, so if you feel you are the sort of person who is technically savvy and likes to help with the debugging of programs, please read on.

Alpha testers will need to have the know-how to start and run the game client via a modified setup from the normal launching of the game. Often times this will require manually making changes to the game's client side files, the game launcher, etc. Testers will need to know how to make and “un-make? these changes on their own. Alpha testers won't receive support via the normal customer support system, but will receive support via our client team through the Bristugo.com web site - should something go wrong with a testing build.

Alpha testers will receive notification via email when a new client build is available for download. The builds will be made available through Bristugo.com, and you’ll need to create a separate account on that site to access forums for reports / discussions.

In order to be a part of the alpha testing program, there’s no specific hardware requirements, other than lots of free disk space and an uncapped internet connection. Some of the tests may require multiple downloads of the client and/or sets of assets.

Active participation in the program is required. You will be asked to submit feedback on every build, and may withdraw from the program at any time should you no longer have the time to continue in the program. We will only be accepting a limited number of testers at any given time, so participation by all is important.

To make sure that everyone is aware of the program’s intentions and direction, a few notes on what we’re not trying to do. We’re not intending this to be a focus group. Nor is it a group of players who will in any way have “connections? to the team or “inside? information on new content, future plans for Istaria or will play on a different server than everyone else. Testing will focus on the game's client only and will continue to be done by connecting to the normal game servers (Blight, Chaos or Order). The purpose of these early tests will be to prepare for release a more stable and solid game client only.

Those who are interested should submit a note expressing their interest through the support website (support.istaria.com) with a subject line of “Alpha Tester?. With your ticket through the support site, also include a recent copy of your computer's dxdiag file so we have an idea of your machine specs. And finally, we appreciate those who are interested in helping with the alpha builds. Your direct feedback to the development team will make the next client a solid release.