[11/26/10 16:39:42] Xerix holds the ancient memory crystal out to you. Peering in to it, you begin to relive the razing of the human kingdom of Barasavus, hundreds of years ago. Seeing General Lunus in action is both thrilling and inspiring. His prowess in battle may never be surpassed, but you can certainly learn a few things from watching him in action. It truly is a beautiful dance of death.
[11/26/10 16:39:42] Xerix tells you, 'Seems to me you handled that job rather well. I trust they didn't give you too much trouble? Excellent.

I have a gift from the client for you, but first I have something to share with you. This is a memory crystal. The secret of making them was lost long ago, alas. They hold stored memories which may be relived again and again. Through it, you will see the sights and sounds of ancient days. They are rare and delicate, but so much more effective than the scribblings of ink on paper used by naka. Prepare yourself...

[11/26/10 16:39:43] You have received 1 Appetizer: Chef Salad.
[11/26/10 16:39:43] You have received 1 Dessert: Chocolate Cheesecake.
[11/26/10 16:39:43] You have received 1 Main: Lasagna.
[11/26/10 16:39:43] You have received 1 Side: Seafood Salad.
[11/26/10 16:39:43] You have received 1 Tooth and Claw Mastery IX.
From what I read Xerix is giving me a crystal ? but i got food
is the reward wrong or the wording wrong ?