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Thread: Nadia and the Component Swap

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    Default Nadia and the Component Swap

    Having done this a couple times already, I thought I'd write a guide about how this process works.

    You come to Bristugo to Nadia for assistance with unused components. They may or may not say that only Nadia is interested in them. As long as they show no use in any techniques, Nadia seems to accept them. First off, come with the intention that YOU ARE NOT GETTING COIN BACK as her trades are designed to essentially give you new components back. This makes her well-suited for those who already have a crafting project requiring techniques. Also, Nadia does not automatically give you corresponding components. She has a list of components to give, but she does not tell you that you need this component to replace for that component you're giving. You have to come up with your list of components you want on your own. I cover this below.

    Say you do have a project in mind. The Horizons Craft Calculator is STILL of use in planning out what techniques you want on each item you're crafting. What has changed is which components are used. The best way of getting your components list, though, is your craft window. Open the Item Creation window and start applying the techs you want. You can request people to link techs you don't have, but at least one instance (Armor V currently), the listed components in the Details are different than in the Item Creation window. The developers are already aware of this and making the appropriate fix for an upcoming patch. You will want to write down each component and how many you want. Once you have your full component list, go to Nadia, who stands outside the entrance to Bristugo's large library facility below the portal ring.

    In the trade window, drag and drop the old components you have that you wish to get rid of. In the "Items Receiving" section of the window, you can see the amount of credit you get for the total trade. What is tricky is getting the new components. Using your list as a guide, drag over the new components you need and specify the quantities you want. The key to the trade going well is to have a 0 balance on both credit and coin (Items Receiving and Items Giving parts of the window).

    If you have credit remaining, you'll want to remove your lowest tier components FIRST. They are the cheapest in credit, of course. This will give you a little play room to get your 0 balance easier, particularly if you have lots of them (lesser blight claws, weaker ghost vapors, and the like). You want to remove just enough that you need to pay coin, which Nadia does NOT accept. Then start giving a few of the components back until you reach 0 balance. You may have to remove a higher tier component as well (some of the tier 6 components sell VERY well and give a very high credit) and do the same to get the credit down close enough to get your 0 balance with lower components. However, the key is 0 balance. Once you have it, click OK and you have your new components.

    If your original trade has no credit and you show you need to pay coin, you will have to reduce the number of components you get or offer more unused components. Nadia doesn't deal in coin and she doesn't like to return "change" on trades, so you may end up having to balance with lower tier components. If you absolutely must get rid of all the components you have to trade, but you can't get all the components you need (currently) and have already attempted to balance out the method I mentioned in the previous paragraph and still have a credit, you may have to take some lower cost components. In the "Their Items" tab of the trade, click on the Price column. This sorts all of Nadia's components by price. Then select appropriately low priced components that still have a use (you may be able to help a starting player in the future with these) and take some of them to reach 0 balance. Click OK to complete the trade.

    It takes some practice, but you can reach a 0 balance trade doing these two methods.

    And if you do decide to go coin only, I have it on good report that Nadia will give coin if you still have credit left.
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    Default Re: Nadia and the Component Swap

    thank a lot for your work C`gan-
    now I can direct all to your post- was running out of words already
    (English is not my mother tongue^^)
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