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Thread: to discover one's self (Svarri's Journal)

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    Post to discover one's self (Svarri's Journal)

    I am called Svarri Helgi and that is all that i know of myself...
    i had come to awake on a beach some time ago only to find what apears to be remains of a ship that is clearly torn to many peices...what had occured that is one thing i wish to find out. I had found a bow that seems worn out and not the best condition but still usable...i also found this log that has the paper now dry but most the pages that had writing are gone i will peice together what i can read later. for now i have made me a camp in a small spot in the woods that has a good defencive capabilitys due to a cliff hanging out like a roof and keeps rain from what i find. going out to explore it seemed i got myself lost temporaraly but was fortunate to find a clearing. there i met a few great dragons that kindly aided me in not only a way back to where i can find my camp but one that can aid me with my loss of memory... he is a spirit sorcerer i am told but seems to ave negative popularity and is also a elf like myself. i look forward to meeting him.
    food is plentiful and the rain coming often brings much needed water so i am able to sustain my needs untill beter living arangements are made.

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    the days go by quickly and i am now quickly honing my skills it would seem the one i once was is a very good archer for with my bow i am able to fight amazingly vision is that like a falcon while my steadyness that of stone, my ability to aim perfectly is quite good. this will come in handy as beasts seem to lurk nearby... i sense a strong evil in these lands and smell foul scents. they are a enemy to the land and as one that is living off of it this foul beings becomes my greatest enemy.

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    *the page has splots of blood on it and the writing seems weakly writen*
    at the moment i am much indeed worn out...a great battle has taken place and i dont fully understand what was going on...
    i came to the area that is a clearing and common ground for others to meet only to see conflict start arising... since i saw that one was with the foul aura that is my enemy i quickly sided with those that were to fight the dragon. the other elf that i was searching for was starting to make a chant to prepare the evil ones death but he needed time and we were to buy it. i took my defencive spot near one dragon so as to shoot safely the enemy had another fool of dragon join her but we still had numbers on our side...this is where it got dificult...a blast sent to the shadow elf was made and the dragon i was taking cover under took the full blow then fleeing with injury. seeing the evil dragoness try to take flight i unleashed a volley of arrows most missing do to a sheild but others hiting vulnerable spots. seeing however i was making little effect i turned my attention to the one healing the foul dragoness. fireing my arrows to stop it. why i was told to spare the dragon i know little of except he was being a fool. i managed to pin the beast down but unfortunatly it was able to make a fireball at me. using my bow as a sheild i was able to block the majority of the blow but at the cost of mine bow splintering to many peices. i also was unfortunally burned on both arms and my beutiful robe is now mostly charred as well as have wounds all over my body as i was thrown to the ground and the splinters made quick work with wounds. for a while i sat dazed not knowing where i was but when i came to the beast that was healing was atempting to get up again. this could not be allowed so i charged with mine sword but only ended up falling thus losing my only sword as well... i was being foolish afterwards how i attacked and only thrown about till battle end. at least i was able to ensure the beasts wings were pinned and the legs cut so he could not walk ryzaak i do beleive its name is. when the battle was over i surprisingly and am unsure why but i spared the dragon ryzaak and aided him with the removal of my arrows shortly after the death of the evil one named selarth.
    it will take days for my healing to be done and i will most likely have scars to my dismay but i have great hopes i will be remembered for my work in this battle and become reknowned. when i am better i will need to work on finding me a new bow for i cannot protect mine self anymore untill i do so.

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    - OoC - Nice story, Iseia. I would give you an advice, though. When you write walls of text, it is better to make some spaces, to split them into aerated paragraphs. Then, your story will be easier to read.

    Also, who is the evil dragoness you are talking about? - OoC -

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    selarth, but the main dragon she was fighting with was Ryzaak

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    - OoC - Hmmm... I think Selarth is a male : p - OoC -

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    ((He's definitely male. x3))
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    lol thanks ryzaak you got me confused *he kept adressing selarth as dragoness @[email protected]*

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    another battle occured today...i came to the clearing and things came as normal, the shade elf was there as well as the great dragoness zarla whom i now spoken to several times. we spoke for some time before i decided to go to the elf to find my lost memorys. At the same time zarla readied to take off and as i spoke with the shade elf a dark chill came as we saw a evil beast of the dead living as a dragon chasing zarla.
    quickly with no hesitation me the shade elf and a couple volenteering dragons readied to launch to go to battle. I was fortunate to have gained a new bow from the saris shinkuu as a gift of good fortune as one willing to fight. the arrows are poisoned and the bow can pull back amazing distance thus letting my shots be deadly an accurate in great distance. the battle at hand coming, me and the shade elf left on the back of the same dragon allowing the other to manuver freely for the fight.
    as we closed in on the lich beast the shade elf leaped onto its back while i remained to fire my arrows. it is strange and i know not why but when i am with my bow using it i can fight with amazing power my eyes can select targets at blazing speed and arms fire the arrows at speed comparable to keep up and hit small targets. i can strategicly know where to hit to cause best benifit to the battle. i aimed at the wing joints but due t the strong metalic like bone structure damage was minimal. with hardly any thought i switched to a different type of arrow ment for peircing strong armor.
    i was fortunate to get a great shot into the small eye socket of the beast throwing it off tremendously. however it decided to take a free fall in hopes to kill the shadow elf atempting to suck at its life and me and the dragon i rode dived after to save him. quick thinking made me decide to tie a rope to myself and the dragon's back spike and with no hesitation i lept catching him in mid air. the beast after colision made a strong blast which i was lucky to avoid but even so i felt a strong pressure and pain come on my chest after being shaken hard.
    zarla unfortunally took the worst of the blast and crashed into the hillside. i was informed however she recalled and will be fine... after we landed healers quickly made to work out healing the dragons of their wounds. i know i was injured but i was not going to exaust the healers from the main beings wounded. i make my stand now but not in a foolish way the death of the land called Aegis must perish and i will be one to hunt them. i will not however go out of my way to foolishly hunt them non stop and will first need to learn of my past...
    I come now back to my camp painstakingly as it seems hard to breath and have a great pressure on my chest. i fear it seems i have a couple broken ribs. with quick medical ideals i tied a cloth to keep them in place till they can heal but i need to be carfull and hope nothing hits me there for even a slight touch makes me yelp in pain. i shall let it heal in secret and not let healers exaust themselves on me.
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    Default the memorys come slowly to return

    i came to the clearing again today. my ribs are healing slowly and become swollen but show signs of minor healing but often times i might cough blood. i aproached the shadow elf today who alast was not busy and able to open my mind to try to spark memories to return...
    he told me of little he saw and told me small bits of my past; i am not from this land but from a isle very far from here. I am of noble birth of high class he says and there was a great drama of a tale that happened there... it saddens me greatly to have heard the fate of my crew and why my ship was would seem we were attacked by a beast when out at sea an the beast destroyed and devoured the men one by one...i feel sick at thought with this as i now walk to the shore with the wreck on it to honor the dead and pay my respects.

    whatever the shadow elf did, it is working i am now slowly changing from remembering things i did not know before or rather had forgoten. it will still be time before i remember much more that i am wanting to know but i am calmly waiting and remembering.

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    Default the nightmare

    *as svarri sleeps at her makeshift camp, fever from her wounds and the spark of her memories returning bring upon her a horrid nightmare...*

    *many a day has passed since we came out to sea...why we left to sea i often forget. our ship is one of the mightyest and has always a story of its history being told among the troops. we lost 4 comrads last week due to sickness bringing the total number to 94 on board including myself. our travels have now by the count in the log has been nearly two months and supplies are half gone. moral is harder to keep high as the endless sea makes dreams hard to come by and the storm coming in the distance makes a many greatly nervous. we ready the ship and tie all we can down so as to protect the stock and ourselves.

    three days pass as the ship is bashed endlessly from the storm. already we lost six members of the crew and have lost our main sail. some are sick with the constant rapid rocking of the ship but as i make orders they happily follow them. i then look out to sea as i come to the deck tied down to the ship but look out curiously and closly as i hear a strange noise of somthing never heard before. the storm plays tricks on my ears i say as i walk back inside.

    that night i awake to the great unatural rock of the ship. crewmen are screaming outside and fighting a unknown enemy. a knock comes to the captian's quarters and several crew come barging in saying a great god of the sea beasts has attacked the ship. I grab my bow and we make our way into storage where we have a few special arrows made ready to create mages fire as a blast. I come outside and before me a horrible sight is beheld as the demon swallows men one by one. it tears open the ship as one would do so with a soft fruit and hammer. i stand on the deck with guards sword in hand surounding me as i take my first shot at the beast. the beast rears in horror as the mages blast arrow hits it dismembering several limbs. it now seeked its attacker grabbing me. guards luckly were able to cut me free before i met unwelcome death but at the cost of the beast now grabbing them. the ship was now in many peices half of the ship gone as it was being held up only by the monster itself. i was the last one alive and i was the next part of the meal.

    i had two of the arrows left and fired one as the monstrosity as it charged at me as a whole. I fired to a direct hit, but was stung by the blast myself but fortunally was not burnt badly. one arrow left... i ready my aim the monster now wanting my life using what it had left in life itself to kill me. Once again it charge but this time when the last arrow was fired it was blown low from the storms winds destroying what was left of the ship as well as the beast.

    for days i drifted out at sea slowly losing sanity from lack of food and water as well as the horror of loosing all my comrades untill finally i drifted off into what would seem like an eternal slumber...................*

    *Svarri wakes to a cold sweat only to shortly fall to tears as she now came to remember the tragic tale of her crew from her ship. she now only hopes the story of her life from her homeland is not as tragic as the one she just now remembers*
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    these wounds ale me and seem to only pester me with cough all the time...
    memorys haunt my rest and i feel it has been oh so long since i had the joy of rest. why! why...i do not know why is it i who should be the only one cursed with such horror... with so much misfortune... i know not who or what it is i am anymore...
    i was once a high noble. the next heir to the throne...being sent off to learn all a leader and queen should know in diplomacy and strategic war... I trained hard so i could one day return home from my studys and see the smile on mothers and fathers face... how was i rewarded? i come home... the city destroying my home...murdering my parents... ill never see such a smile again...
    i remember now the look of our distant branch family faces as they smirked at me when they showed off how they stole the crown... and then laughed as they ordered those traitorous guards to kill me as well...
    i was fortunate and was so happy and releived when so many came to support me so i could escape on one of the grand royal ships even if it ment they forfeit their own lives....and yet it seems i am only destined for the end i lost everyone...
    i need to start a new life for myself! one day ill make myself srong so that i will return home and claim the crown that was passed down from my bloodline! Svarri the noble is dead...she died long ago with her parents... i am now just svarri the elf... i am svarri the noble's legacy and must honor her and someday let her know her legacy became one that is great... I make my own destiny now and will make myself a noble with my own actions! this is my new life where i was born on the beach not remembering anything...

    its lonely though... every day when i go to the gathering spot i am feared by the young...despised by my kin... ignored by the great ones... Now i know that i, Svarri the elf was reborn with no father nor mother having only myself to raise myself by... everyday i fight to live on and protect others to no end despite my wounds taking my breath and in return i only have my heart hurt more... perhaps is it that i am just spoiled to want to have someone to lean on and then smile saying i did good? perhaps i am to pampered to think i should not by my own right have to suffer?i guess thats my dead self crying out... the gods probably cursed me to always be alone and so svarri the elf must do so...
    untill my last breath i only hope i can become one who others remember but i plan on living as many years as possible so that i can fight forever on

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