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    Hey, i was wondering. Is there any lore on the founding and history of kion? I haven't seen any. Well, maybe one or two sentences! Nothing is said about how the city came to be, when it was founded, or where the saris came from...?

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    • 2285 B.R. A brilliant but somewhat anti-social Saris named Galt forsakes his people and walks into the wilds south of Kion, looking for a place to experiment with new methods of building design and masonry. He is joined by a few other misfits in what is now Nuthala.

    • 2252 B.R. Galt and his associates return to Kion and commence construction on a radically new project: a massive building of cut and fitted stone, towering over the adobe shacks and pavilions that made up Kion proper. It takes two years to complete and establishes the standard for Saris architecture and style. The building is still standing and today is home to the Kion Vault.

    Thats from the Lore Timeline
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    There is more lore coming in the next patch. I added quite a bit about the History of the Saris and Merrasat to the Town Marshall who in his new capacity will be greeting arrivals to Kion at the destination pad.
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    Oh okay! ^^ Neat. Can't wait. xD

    And yeah chase, but that's about all the information i could find on it. says nothing of when it was founded or anything like that.. :P
    it does, however, tell of the founding of nuthala. XD

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