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    I'm working on the quest Myloc Queen pt 2 and I need to collect 10 units of pure water. This water is found across the rainbow bridge behind the nature tower in a well on the island. At first when I tried I went with a Maple Bucket I was given the message that my tool quality was not high enough to collect this resource. I remembered that I had to use a mith chisel to make the trav bowl and radiant powder so I got a yew bucket and then returned. I was then given the message that "you do not have the necessary skill level to gather from the Pure Water Well resource node"

    What skill is required to gather from the well and how high does it have to be?

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    I had the same problem with one of my alts.

    I'm guessing here, but the skill needed is 600 Foraging
    and Foraging IV ability.
    My alt had the Maple Bucket but not the foraging skill.

    If I'm wrong, I hope someone (Amon?) chimes in with the
    real Reqs.


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    This is going to sound odd... but try taking your Istarian Army Knife out there, and try gathering with that. It might be looking for Ingenuity, since Dragons can do that quest too...
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    That actually doesn't sound weird at all, and is in fact what I was expected so I have tried using a mith istarian army knife but it told me basically I was using the wrong tool and said i needed to use either a bucket, or something else (I forget).

    To be honest I think that the quest SHOULD require ingenuity for the collecting of the water since that is the skill required for the other items needed in this step (trav bowl and radiant essence powder).

    Currently i'm trying to level gatherer up (which I had no even started) to get foraging up as well as get foraging IV, which is really not fun =/

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