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Thread: I want to go back to happily outfitting!

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    Default I want to go back to happily outfitting!

    Accidentally picked up Scholar. Now I don't know how to switch back to levelling outfitter.

    I didn't -want- scholar, I couldn't tell by the text that it was a permanent thing, and now I can no longer gain outfitting xp.

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    Default Re: I want to go back to happily outfitting!

    Setsede, simply go visit an Outfitter Trainer and they will offer to switch you back to the Outfitter school. Outfitter Trainers are found in any of the major cities (Kion, Sslanis, Dalimond, etc) as well as on New Trismus island.
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    Default Re: I want to go back to happily outfitting!

    Ah! Thank you very much c:

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    Default Re: I want to go back to happily outfitting!

    Don't forget same applies for every school
    Craft you can change and switch whenever and howmuch you want without a penalty.
    For adventureschool you have to watch your rating, a too high rating for your level seriously messes up your XP.

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    Default Re: I want to go back to happily outfitting!

    what sigi sez - once you hit 100 in your first advent skewl, xp is way harder on your next skewls and you don't get training points.......
    crafting skewls are easy to change and go back to (if you can remember where the appropriate trainers are! ), whereas advent skewls require planning and strategy....
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    Default Re: I want to go back to happily outfitting!

    Wait, so... does that mean if I want to take another adventure class, I need to do it as soon as possible? Can I have more than one(other than a prestige class?)?

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    Default Re: I want to go back to happily outfitting!

    Technically hun you can join every since adventure school available in the game. to clarify what sigi said about the exp thing is this. As you join and level your adventure schools your over all rating will increase. the higher you go with joining multiple schools at once the less exp you get for killing a creature closer to your actual current adventure schools level. a example what i mean by rating, my rating generally stays above 160, so even as a lv 1 adventure class nothing below level 90 will give me any exp and the amount given will be small so making hunting for exp more difficult, so keeping 2 or 3 schools you like close together might help you level more. Also for prestige classes, like Shaman (nature and blight class) needs spiritist and druid as a base classes. once you join shaman school, you CAN take a quest to "drop" the spiritist and druid schools if you choose to. Droping a adventure school can and does lower the players rating. However once the school is dropped, if you decide to rejoin it, you start over from the schools beginning. Example of that if you got say warrior or cleric to say lv 50 and decided you did not want the class any more, and you dropped it, you loose all mastered abilities from that school, when you rejoin the school you will start over at lv 1 again. hopefully that explains things a little more for ya.
    As for taking up schools you can take them up when ever you wish to they DON'T need all be joined at the same time, finishing 1 or 2 schools will help out some.
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