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Thread: The Journal of Spiritus Umbra

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    *Scratched into the canyon walls of the rift*
    Now, more than ever probably, seems like a good time to keep a history of my going ons, for this will likely never be read by another. To my delight, I have discovered that my soul can actually mark the canyons down here. For some time now...weeks...months...I am not sure, I have wondered the canyons of this forsaken rift.

    I continue the search for the rune to bring me back to the living world, yet I, to this point..obviously...have not been able to locate it. For those who may stumble upon this message and be fortunate enough to be able to return with little incident, I envy you. I fell down here while on my way to find The Sleeper and in the process found myself stumbling, loosing my rune to safely bring me back in some canyon, and then falling to the other side of the path in a failed attempt to recover my balance. At this point, I have become hopelessly lost in finding a path to the other side where my way back is surely laying. Flight eludes me and soon I believe sanity will as well....maybe that is why I write this now, to preserve what I have left.

    Also, if someone should read this and may know Razylm or Drysten, please inform them of my general location. Razylm, I miss her, please let her know that as well.

    O yes! I nearly forgot, on your way out, whoever reading this may be, Could you inform the Ancients outside the gate of my plight. Maybe they can help. Let us hope my body has been kept fed and hydrated, lest I be a spirit for eternity now. *Other scratches are illegible below the text...and an arrow marking the way he wondered off is left behind*

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    (( poor spiritus! i hope he finds that rune soon, hehe i enjoyed the read. esp the scratches and the arrow to his next wandering. ))

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    ((Wow, time flies, pun intended. I was looking for this and thought it got deleted, I didn't realize that it was 6 years ago x.x is anyone still playing that I was on with back then, is the character saved???))

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    (( Character's likely saved, but I have no idea if anyone's still playing... I don't really know anyone who was around in 2010/2011 who is still around now minus Romirez and Kytitia who pop in every now and then. Some others moved to Chaos, but most just... faded away over the years. ))

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    (There's still a population on Order, you aren't completely alone yet! I do actually recognize the name, Spiritus Umbra.)

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