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    Hello everyone. I'm primarily a dragon player, I have had a few forays into the bipedal side of life. Unfortunately I'm a wee bit of a skillpoint idiot as a ped... Thank you to some guides here, I could figure out how to get a monk character skilled up, but now I'm starting out a druid.


    Level druid as a class.
    Later: Add shaman. Then add guardian. Then figure out if I want to whip myself hard enough to level cleric or healer.

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a sort of workable skillpoint spread for such a character?

    Like... should I just be going all out one hand crush and nature skill or split something for focus or what?

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    As you probably know, you can move your TP’s around, so when you switch schools and get them higher you can easily re-spec yourself (ie when you go Guardian you might lean towards melee at the higher lvls). For starters, as druid, (and of course a ped) I think health is a big help, Nature too will help you hit things better with your spells and add a small boost to damage. Since you’ll be doing more damage with your spells, no need to worry about weapon skills at all. Power is also useful to boost your spell damage as well as CoT’s damage. That’s pretty much it really. Feel free to read on, but don’t get bogged down in the details, saying you’re going to lvl schools x, y and z next might make the task seem quite daunting after a while and that’s no fun

    Just in case you weren’t aware, the two Revitalize spells can use the Nature skill to cast them, but the rest of the healing spells (Major Health, Health, Minor Health and Group Health) all need the Life skill, but can still be casted by Druid if you have the required Life skill. IIRC Druid gets some Augmentation per lvl, but not a whole lot, so you will still be able to cast the Gift and Enhance spells, just not the best for your lvl.

    If you’re considering multi-classing, I will suggest you take either healer(/cleric) or spiritist as you lvl up, doing 5 lvls of each at a time. I started as spiritist/druid and never looked back. Of course if you don’t like the idea of lvling two schools to begin with, then just ignore that

    As for schools which can compliment you, it depends a little on if you’re melee or magic (or ranged) orientated, but there’s still no wrong way to go, since almost every school brings something to the table.

    Shaman is definitely a great school to have, adds some very nice masterables as you may already know. Spiritist is amazing to add to your forte as the Spirit spells are excellent all rounders with high damage and life stealing attributes helping with survivability. Guardian is more of a “main” school and won’t add too much unless you intend to have it as your main school, which is still a good idea I think that Paladin is more versatile however, as Guardian and Paladin can (I assume) use the same spells (ie. Nature, Spirit and some healing spells), but Paladin is more melee orientated and will do more damage because of better melee abilities. Just something to think about in the future, but honestly, not much point in planning ahead of the school you’re working at the moment

    Since there is a considerable amount of work required to lvl up multiple schools (people hit their “wall” at different stages, some after the first school, some after the 10th school), just stick with whatever is fun, but making sure the first few schools complement each other is a huge help.

    I hope that makes some sense and helps at least a little. Good luck! Enjoy
    --- iuvenilis --- [Officer of The Alliance]
    Demonslaying since July 2004

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    Thank you much. Was a pretty helpful post and I appreciate it.

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    Always a pleasure. I'm sure others will also add their thoughts, and may even contradict my opnions, but if you play on Chaos and see either iuvenilis or iumentum (dragon) about, give me a holla and I'll be happy to lend a hand with anything from gear and spells to tactics.
    --- iuvenilis --- [Officer of The Alliance]
    Demonslaying since July 2004

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    I agree with what iuv said,

    Spell Damage = Nature + Power
    Heals = Life + Focus

    Personally I wouldn't add any melee TP's to druid until you multiclass with a melee school (like guardian). Druid is primarily spell based (and has some really nice spells)

    If I remember correctly I leveled druid 1st, then healer for the augmentations (I needed the top augmentations to do the T6 crafting at the time). But there are so many combos with the multiclassing you could level almost anything with druid :P
    Chaos Shard
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