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Thread: Scholars, spellcrafting and paper!

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    Question Scholars, spellcrafting and paper!

    certainly one of the best resources i have found is the Crimson Dawn website, as the info seems most accurate and up-to-date, and there is discovered that the scholar's spellcrafting seems to be limited to Beginner only (Spellcraft caps at level 40) clicky

    can anybody confirm my interpretation of that (and its accuracy)

    additionally, i have no idea what 'papermaking' is all about. what can you do with it, why would i want it? this seems to me to be the only reason why someone would be a scholar over a spellcrafter.

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    Default Re: Scholars, spellcrafting and paper!

    In short, you need paper to make scrolls. Go to the scholar trainer in Kion for the quests to start you of

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    You are correct, the spellcrafting skill stops at lvl 40 (ie 40*8 = 360 skill points) for scholar. Scholar was revamped with a new purpose in mind, to create useable scrolls to help support spellcasting when in schools that cannot cast specific spells or you don't have the skill to cast them, as well as introducting some interesting new spells in the form of scrolls. The papermaking skill is used in the creation of the scrolls. The scholar quests start in Kion, as Sigi mentioned, and move onto Dalimond. Just have a chat to the local scholar trainers

    Spellcrafter, of course, is still designed mainly for just that, spell crafting. As a side note, you still need to create an unteched spell in order to make the scrolls, so essentially, you need to be a Spellcrafter to be a Scholar.
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    Default Re: Scholars, spellcrafting and paper!

    ok thx hallucin8

    sounds 'interesting'... i'll have to spend some time out of grinding other crraft schools and levelling to at least have a look at it

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