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Thread: Horizons Crafting Calculator: NEW UNOFFICIAL SERVER

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pharaxes View Post
    the whole site currently leads to empty pages. Is the program still the same version which is to be downloaded from or were there updates to the program as well?

    I downloaded the installation from there, used the config.xml pointing to istariareference and it seems it updated at least. DB is now from 2017-11-29?
    Yes, 2017-11-29 was the last update. So sorry it's so far behind, but still better than the 2009 default version.
    The mirror I setup was the backup plan in case the site ever went down. It seems is in a weird state.

    Surprisingly still shows the program. But even if that site should ever go down, all the mirrored files are at or for the same .exe file on that .dk domain.

    The updates used to come down from, so since that site isn't working correctly, then simply replacing/updating the Config.xml file (also on mirror site as ) will let the Update button work to show any new updates.

    All archived updates are at with exception to 2017-11-29 which is on the main mirror directory . The very last update has to stay in this folder for the update button (in HCC) to work correctly.
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    I've reached out to Arcat, the original HCC developer, a couple of weeks ago and he will continue to support the program. If you have a copy of HCC installed (v2.30) then please grab v.2.31. The latest DB updated doesn't really have any new content, yet. It's a few tweaks to the last one (2017). We're looking at getting some new things added in the near future.

    For those who don't use Discord, here is copy/paste of his post:
    Hi, I'm @Arcat, Istaria player from the olden days (Wind/Unity shard) and modder who co-created the Horizons Crafting Calculator, also known as "HCC". @Cegaiel approached me recently to motivate me for more updates... and it worked. I really enjoyed working on this 16-year-old software to finally tackle some very, very long standing problems.

    Version 2.31 is out today:

    This version re-adds the database updates to the official HCC website: Homecoming! Now everything is back in one place. You just need to download and install HCC_v2.31.exe on-top of your existing HCC location. The installer will restore the Live Updater for future updates. No more guides or hacks are needed to get things working. Please spread the word in-game!

    The complete List of changes is on the website above, but here's a summary:

    - Fixed many icons (ponds, crystal shards) and the game install path is automatically detected once again - for even more icons.
    - Improved the toolbar-window for Windows 7 and newer: You can finally drag the main window again. To minimize HCC use File/Minimize or press CTRL-M.
    - Fixed two rendering bugs: Some windows refused to close on "fast" computers and there was a white rectangle covering the Formulae window sometimes.
    - Live Update now uses HTTPS encryption (Windows 8 and newer)
    - HCC POD plugin (Public Order Database - to share orders with other players) got a maintenance update and is now GDPR compliant.
    - Various improvements on the hosting infrastructure to streamline upcoming database releases. Future database updates will be maintained by @Cegaiel.

    Over the next weeks we'll figure out how to best proceed from here, where to report client and database bugs and so on.
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    Very cool! Thanks for the information! HCC always was a great help back then!
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    this is awesome!! congrats on all the hard work, it is so very appreciated!
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