Thats right... after not seeing an update for 3 years, ive taken it upon myself to update this great program, and to share these updates with you!

Currently, ive been updating the database with all the tech comp changes, which is a big part of making this program useable again. I am about 50% done, and now extend it to the community to assist me in finishing it.

First off.. How to Use the alternate download server:

1: Make sure you have downloaded the lastest Horizons Crafting Calculator
2: Update the database to the last OFFICIAL update from within the program
3: Exit HCC
4: Right click and save THIS CONFIG FILE Save it to the root of your HCC Directory. It should replace the file there.
5: Restart HCC. It should inform you an update is availiable! Go to live update, and update to the newest database

You are done. If you ever want to revert it back to the Official server, simply edit the config.xml file, and remove the
surounding the server, restart HCC and update from them to change all your files back to the Official Satabase

Now, it is a big project, and I am sure to get a few things wrong. To start, we are simply fixing what is already in there before we add new items.

if you see an error, please post the correction in the following format

Tech V
2 Tier 5 Comps
2 Tier 5 Comps

adjusting depending on what you are sending a correction for of coarse. if it is an item, please list ALL the components it uses so I can change it properly.

Have Fun! I will be putting updates once a day until the techs are fixed!