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Thread: Memory leak solved?

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    Default Memory leak solved?

    Hi everyone,
    bear with me a moment while I make a few disclaimers.

    Before posting this I did ask a VI employee if it would be inappropriate and was given the green light.

    I am not in any way linked to the company that produces this software.

    There is a freeware version and although I purchased the shareware I believe the functionality I am talking about is part of the free version.

    Anyhow the software is IOBIT Advanced system care and the "toolbox" contains a ram defragger. With this software running my Istaria.exe memory usage stays between 80 megabytes and 120 or so megabytes ... prior to installing it or if I turn it off my istaria.exe continually grows and eventually approaches 2 gigabytes.

    I would be interested to hear anyone else's experiences; my results are not overwhelming as the game does still seem to slow with many portals and it has not eliminated the episodic crash to desktop I have from time to time - but it does seem to have drastically reduced hard drive usage (I assume pagefile)


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    I haven't looked in to this particular product -- however, a general word of caution:
    "ram defragmentation" products fall into the same shady category as "registry optimizers". Aside from being potentially useless in the long term, that market has lots of fake software that will try to infect your PC with malware.

    Be careful about what you install. Be even more careful about what you pay for.

    Aside: "useless in the long term" means doing things that look significant but have no real effect. For example, tweaking the Windows disk cache parameters so the memory occupied by the cache is freed, showing a dramatic increase in free ram. That ram, however, was already free, since Windows will shrink the disk cache in response to application memory demand.
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    Default Re: Memory leak solved?

    I'm a mid level poweruser so I am no expert. I am basing my results soley on what is reported by Windows task manager / processes tab and my sense of how the game "feels" after several hours of playing which is subjective.

    Overall the difference certainly isn't night and day and honestly I had expected that with the istaria client not hogging so much memory the performance increase after long periods of playing to very significant, which it isn't.

    Would what you are describing Steel show up in the task manager or might istaria still be slowly leaking away memory?

    Edit: I am not advocating this piece of software in anyway other than to say if there are others who would be willing to try it and post their feedback I would like to see if it helps really or is just a placebo.

    As far as malware I keep spybot and adware up to date and maintain AVG and Avast simultaneously but again try at your own risk.
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    Nothing can externally fix a memory leak. The only way a memory leak can be fixed is by finding where it's leaking within the program and fixing it internally. The most one could potentially do is clean up the memory that has been leaked. But there's a problem with this: How do you know what memory on the heap is truly leaked, and what isn't?
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