We've been working on an updated Java launcher for Istaria for some time now. At this point, we're looking to get more feedback and confirm if this new version is ready for release.

If you feel that you know your way around Windows a bit - are comfortable creating menu short cuts, looking at the properties of shortcuts, then we'd like your feedback.

There's a new launcher upgrade setup utility available here.

As it relates to getting the Java launcher working, the launcher upgrade will do the following:
1. Remove any existing Istaria short cuts
2. Create new start menu short cuts and desktop short cuts so that
Play Istaria points to "<install folder>\launcher.jar"

Please review the change list below for further changes.

Setup Change List:
FIX: If performing an upgrade to launcher instead of full install, default to c:\program files\istaria as upgrade path (and perform check for install), instead of leaving blank

FIX: If performing an upgrade to launcher, only require 1MB of free disk space instead of 2GB

FIX: Remove character management shortcut from installed windows shortcuts - launcher does this now

FEATURE: Added logic to register / unregister istaria.exe and launcher.jar from Windows firewall

FEATURE: Detect version of Java and direct to Java web site if update/ install is needed (Java launcher also does this)

FEATURE: Updates start menu and desktop short cuts so the java launcher is used instead of .NET launcher

FIX: Added proper trademark to logos

FIX: Made EULA txt link a bit more clean and clear.

FIX: EULA points to Google docs version for consistency across all sites and places

FIX: At end of installation, clicking Yes or No to visit web site cleanly closes installer. Windows 7 used to report "setup.exe has stopped working"

FIX: istaria.exe has been updated so that clicking on Istaria.exe shows a message box "Please launch Istaria with Launcher.jar" (requires client release)

FIX: If performing a launcher upgrade, screen that asks for folder location asks for "Please select folder to upgrade..." and full install says, "Please select folder to install..."

We're looking for feedback on any issues or if it simply works. We'd appreciate a report made through the support site at https://support.istaria - and submit to the "Community
Relations - Alpha Testing" department.

Thank you,
Istaria Development Team