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    Default Plate caster build

    Planning on leveling both Mage and Battlemage to become a spells-with-sword-backup type DPS character. Which class would you guys recommend leveling first? Mage so you won't ever be behind the curve in spell skills?

    Also, right now my TPs are in Flame and Focus (missing with spells sucks). Any other recommendations?

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    Default Re: Plate caster build

    Sounds righteous!

    Since you're going for the spell damage, your TP's sounds good. Unfortunately, as a spell caster you don't have alot of high damaging abilities like melee schools, so putting some into health isnt a bad idea, helps with staying power. But, since you're going Battlemage as well, you should get sufficient HP's there... up to you really.

    As for the leveling procedure... I would recommend doing 5 lvls at a time. Do Battlemage first, collect as many trophies as possible, then use them to lvl Mage. You probably won't get five levels from the trophies, but it will make it alot easier to lvl mage considering you will be in your PJ's as mage, but wearing the massive plate as Battlemage.

    Mage gets max Armor Use, so you can always where the best Armor available, but keeping Warrior in line as well will boost your melee skills/stats and probably give you some more melee abilites. Just something to think about.

    To get the most out of Battlemage (and other prestige schools) it can be better to use your whole arsenal. Sure, go Spell orientated, but you will also get some very nice melee abilites, so keeping your melee side sharp and a decent weapon in hand will definately help.

    Hope that helps!
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    Default Re: Plate caster build

    Thanks for the insight! I'll have to try the alternating levels between the two schools. My initial thought was just take one all the way then do the other, but that seems like it would create a ridiculous gap between my rating and mob levels.
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    Default Re: Plate caster build

    Not sure how far you are wanting to take the schools, but my suggestion would be to have at least 1 lvl 100 craft to wear higher stuff, take mage(10 power a lvl) up first then battlemage followed by healer(10 focus a lvl). After those 3, id take the other mage classes just to get 10 in each skill or flame energy ice summoning and mind.
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    Default Re: Plate caster build

    I have a much more offence build with my Plate Caster. But I'm doing Chaos Warroir and Mage.

    I like to do 5 levels at a time to but I level Chaos Warroir first each time. But unlike Battlemage were omost everything is 8 points a level Chaos Warroir gets 10 Points a level for Two hand crush and 9 points in Evasion.

    Both transfer to Mage as Defence and Offence with Meela fights and thats omost every fight. Parry rocks with high levels of Two hand damg and the hard hiting meela skills also help with swiftly finshing off mobs when they get up close to you.

    That way I more or less stand toe to toe as a mage too.
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    Default Re: Plate caster build

    Is it even possible (or at least possible without painstakingly grinding lower tiers) to get to L100 in a craft without leveling adventuring along with it? Aren't the higher tier resources guarded by nasty monsters?

    Nice thoughts all... didn't think about getting Healer 3rd... snagging all the heals/buffs + additional focus seems good.
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    Default Re: Plate caster build

    There are unguarded T1 to T3 ressource fields. So yeah, it's possible.
    Only be cautios at T4+

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ettanin View Post
    There are unguarded T1 to T3 ressource fields. So yeah, it's possible.
    Only be cautios at T4+
    Even up to T5, there are unguarded resource spawns for most if not all resources. Except for maybe a couple resources in T5 (that I'm not sure about), it's only T6 where some resources are not found unguarded, and you don't need (or probably even want) T6 to get to level 100 anything.


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    Default Re: Plate caster build

    I did something similar, i leveled zerker first to 100 doing druid along side for healing, both wear the same armor so that worked. I then leveled knoc using the 2hand slash and massive hp to make it easy, then i did wizard alongside using staff i got from druid and energy frim knoc. Worked really well and now as knoc i can solo groups of high mobs and have a variety of damage types to work with. I also did 100 conj for the awsome multicast. Bombs away (in plate)!
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    Default Re: Plate caster build

    I am about halfway through doing the battlemage/mage build and what I have found is your best off concentrating completely on one class (personally I'd say mage due to the max power flame and energy which as a battle mage if i recall is only 8 not 10 per level). If work on all the classes you end up with a ridiculous rating.

    So use the trophies to level the other classes (battlemage AND warrior).. as without warrior the majority of your battlemage abilities will not only miss but suck when they do hit

    Oh and some cleric for the heal spells might be useful

    An alternative if you reallly want to do battlemage first is work spellcrafter first as that will give you the required power boost without effecting your rating.

    in short its alot of work to make this build work.

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    Default Re: Plate caster build

    Mage gets the perfect spell and fusion burn (makes flame spells deal ethreal damage)

    Wizard to at least 72 to master acceleration a -10% reduction in all spell recycle times and gains +11 in energy skill

    Conj at lv 100 can master multicast 2 and best at ice and summoning

    Sorcerer gets the best mind skill and a longest single target mez (spellbind)

    Battlemage is the most useful of the 3 platemail mage types

    If melee with spell as back up, get chaos warrior to lv 40 to master unbridled energy

    Cleric or healer is needed for heals

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    Default Re: Plate caster build

    I also needed to mention that conjure school is the only school that can master multicast 2 which is a good help as well

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