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Thread: *mumbles* is this far.

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    Default *mumbles* is this far.

    i deside'ed not to put this in a rant. its more of a do u think this is right kina thing .
    firts i tell u what i do . i'm on dissablty "cant spell it " i have a hard time rembering stuff "if u tell me to do this and that i might forget some of it.
    i cant move very fast . and i'm sure u know of my spelling and grammer.
    i work as a dishwasher and a school with it now being summer i'm out of a jobe :P.
    my sister... hmm where to start ... .... hmm lets see .. ahh yes .. No jobe. But she goes to colleg hmm this whols be the 5 yrs or more she been going . took one thing then when to a nother :P . she has a 8 yr boy ..^^my littel nathyou ^^ love him... But ....... she doesnt ahve a jobe... and she some how gets every thing she whants,,,, a new car new phone ... all the fun stuff i'v love to get .

    here my grumbel .. is this right .. here i am working at my jobe putting in my time in getting my $$ even if it just a little.. and only to ahve all go it go in to bills and what i need and other stuff .. and every one is trying to get me to get a nother jobe... and quit my other.. ... i mean come on i work my butt off and my sister just umm farts thorw life... its not far.. :P i have more to mumble about on this but its trun in to a long post .. .. i'm just tird of working my [email protected] off in life and still not have any thing.. the best part of my day is being able to log in to istaria "if i'm not being mumbles at by my step dad or sis..
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    Default Re: *mumbles* is this far.

    I'm not sure if I understood all that but it does not sound fair at all.
    Sounds like you have to work to make ends meet, struggling to afford basic things, while your sister is given whatever she wants by your parents without working for it.

    Did you attend college? Is your sister doing well at her studies? It may be that your parents are investing in her education in hopes that she has an easier time of things than having a child in tow would otherwise allow.

    Generally speaking, if you can get a better job than dishwasher, I'd recommend you try to. Sounds like they think you can. :-)

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    my sister doesent live wiht us she lives with our g-pay ..that she allrady bleed him dry of $$ -_- doesnt own his home any more . the bank owns it now

    part of me whant to go to collge but .. i rember school i rember middle school and hie school and all the [email protected]@ that made fun of me and tormanted me thorw my life in school ..

    and i dont whant to be the odd ball that cant spell worth a ### in collge
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellenia View Post
    and every one is trying to get me to get a nother jobe... and quit my other.
    That's not bad advice, especially since, as you said, school is not in session, so you have no work to do.

    There's no uniform ratio of pay to how much you bust your tail. Keep looking around until you either find a job that pays enough to make up for your effort, or looks like it might lead to one through promotions.

    As for your sister, I don't doubt that the difference between you and her, as presented, seems unfair. However, I also don't know the full context of her situation (Is she married to someone with a solid income? Is she living on student loans? Is she maxing out her credit cards?). Regardless, don't compare yourself to her. Your situations are likely very different and the immediate disparity you cite will only serve to make you feel worse.

    Focus on yourself. Are you happy? No? Why not? What can /you/ do to make yourself happy (or at least satisfied)? Once you're satisfied, whatever your sister has or does will become irrelevant.

    Note that you should be looking for personal satisfaction. Do not seek parity (or equality) with your sister. Those are two different things, and the latter, will not bring about the former.
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    Helle my dear,

    there have been things in my life-concerning me and my brother-
    that seemed to me not fair. Its a long story.
    But it poisened my life for a long time.
    Like its said before here- do not look at her- just care for your own life.
    I really adore you that you still have a job and that you do it good, though you can`t affort much.
    Lots of folks do not have a job atm- or do not care to get one- its easier to live from well- fare.

    And there is one thing money can`t buy:
    You are a wonderful person and we love you

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