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    Hi, I'm new and don't where I should post any bugs so I put it here, ( sorry if this is the wrong place ).
    There is abug on the road to bristugo from Istaria's Union ( the road between the two hills ). As you cross the road you will se a black thing on the road ( not an object ). If you wlk into it you will most probably get stuck. I got stuck there with two other players. If you want to check if you get stuck I recaomen binding to the Unions shrine at the start of the road...recalling is the only way of getting unstuck.

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    It sounds like it could be a lair piece that clips through the ground. I know that doesn't really help you much, but in case you were curious as to what the "bug" probably is, there's my guess.

    For future reference, the Game Bugs forum is located here:


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    It does look like the roof of a lair. There are 2 lairs there. The one on the left ( when looking towards Bristugo ) is the only one with chambers. Also I clicked on what seemed to be a consigner ( or something like that ) underneath that part of the road.
    I will repost this where it's supposed to be. Thanks for telling me.

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    It is a roof of a lair, it may only be a bug on Chaos, and it's been a reported bug since at least February 2010 when I reported it using the Support Tickets system.

    Unfortunately, unless the lair owner removes that chamber, there might not be an easy fix.
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    Maybe they could cut the lair in such a way that the part of the roof over the road no longer exists and the roof is the road...

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    We can not make changes to the terrain above a lair without breaking the lair below, unfortunately.

    We're monitoring this location for if the lair ever becomes unowned on all shards so that the terrain can be fixed, but until that happens this will have to remain as is.

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