Aaaannd, the second session!

Note: any mention of content not available on Blight, Chaos or Order has been removed (if originally present).

Start: July 1 19:00 GMT-7
End: July 2 00:00 GMT-7
Attendees: (forum names)
LightingClaw, Shian, Steelclaw

Thanks again to LighthingClaw and Shian for their patience and effort!

Mobs and locations:
- Murk Crabs in Dralnok's Doom
- Elial, undead dragons at Peak of Storms (Elial was a no-show)
- Tiny Grass Beetles, Sand Beetles on New Trismus
- Snowback Wolves, gem golems on Trandalar
- Spirit Isle Grulets on Spirit Isle


Hotkeys appear to no longer gray-out if used before moving upon logging in. Hotkeys with the following items were tested and behaved as expected: Ethereal Leech, Quint's Quikstep V Potion, Ethereal Blade, Evisceration of Life III, Radiant Impenetrable Armor Crystal, Refreshing Breeze, Dragon's Reach IV, Blast V.

We verified that melee attacks can not be initiated as far away, but no farther than 5m from the target. This was confirmed with Tiny Grass Beetles and Sand Beetles -- chosen because they do not self-aggro, allowing testers to get close enough to check distances.

We also verified that mobs' attacks have proper range constraints. We tested melee-range attacks from Snowback Wolves and T3 gem golems. The gem golems' "Hurl Chunks" attack was used to test ranged attacks. In both cases, the mobs launched their attacks only after closing to within the stated range for the corresponding attack.

LightningClaw used his biped character and a bow to confirm that he reliably gets a warning message when using the bow on a target that is too close (< 5m), and only when the target is too close.

Stuff to do:

Section 3 of the tests.