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    Default new launcher

    after a breakdown of my comp
    we decided to put on win7 and the new launcher.

    Now I can`t dual login anymore-

    " Istaria is already running from...
    it is strongly recommended that Istaria not be run from the same installation location. This will result in data loss (within Istaria only) as well as instability"

    uhhhh???:-((( HELP PLS
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    Default Re: new launcher

    Please submit a support ticket with this information so that the right people can know what's happening and offer help.

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    Default Re: new launcher

    Lov, I get that message every time I try to dual log. It's bothersome, but it does not actually stop me. Is there not a button along the lines of "Okay" or "Continue"?

    (Still wish there was a "Do not show me this again" check box on that dialogue box.)


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    Default Re: new launcher

    There is one, Mal- but it kicks out my already logged in char when I say "Continue".
    Thy much for answering!!

    Someone advised me to make a copy of Istaria so I have "2 different" ones. Will try that tonight.

    Thank you to all my friends all over the world who try to help me with that and my data loss.
    I am really touched! Love you all!!
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    Default Re: new launcher

    I get the error message, but always hit continue. Haven't had any problems running 2 accounts. I would like to get rid of that pop-up, though.
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    Default Re: new launcher

    updating Java did help a lot (thy Artemus).

    No crashes anymore and playable performance.
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    Default Re: new launcher

    Quote Originally Posted by LOVWYRM View Post
    updating Java did help a lot (thy Artemus).

    No crashes anymore and playable performance.
    Your welcome.

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    Default Re: new launcher

    Just FYI on this, it makes a big difference for me to run from not only two separate istaria locations but the locations being on different hard drives if you have the ability to.

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