The new launcher will soon be released and use of the old .NET launcher will be fully phased out.

That means that for all current players, now is the time to upgrade your launcher and help ensure that the last of the bugs are worked out.

You can upgrade your launcher by going here.

Note too that this is the last week that Name Changes will be free via the new launcher, so if you have ever thought about changing your character's name and want to have the chance to do so for free while we're in the testing phase, now would be the time to do so.

If you have problems upgrading to the new launcher, or starting the game after the upgrade, submit a support ticket ( with details on what happened and our team will work with you to resolve the problems. Please DO NOT post on the forums, submit a support ticket. It is very important that the people working to build the new launcher and upgrade know what is happening for different users and how to resolve any problems so that when the new launcher is the only option as many bugs as possible can be worked out.

Thank you