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Thread: Regarding 383.49

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    Default Regarding 383.49

    "Updated network settings to use larger packet sizes since dial up is a thing of the past."

    Please continue supporting internet connections lower than 1 Mbit/s because not everyone has broadband, especially in rural areas. At least continue to support dual channel ISDN connections and/or ADSL 384/64 connections.

    I don't like to rant, but because some shareholders want their 20% returns, we players in rural areas won't get a technological update. Thanks to our country, we don't and won't have a public ISP here.

    Do not try to counter with:
    * Move away: I cannot leave my home. Doing so will put me into very high debts which will ruin my existency and leaving my home just for an online game is not something a human would normally do.
    * You got mobile internet: No way. First, it's strictly limited. You are not allowed to use some applications on it and you got a monthly limit which hardly suffices for regular and required things. Second, the latency is too high to use for online games.
    * You can get Satellite Broadband: See above. Latency is even worse.
    * Choose another online game: I cannot. EYERY SINGLE online game requires broadband. Istaria for a fact doesn't.

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    Default Re: Regarding 383.49

    To add: In short, dialup is not a thing of the past, but a necessity in areas of little to no commercial concern.

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    Default Re: Regarding 383.49

    Quote Originally Posted by Ettanin View Post
    To add: In short, dialup is not a thing of the past, but a necessity in areas of little to no commercial concern.

    I agree with you.

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    Default Re: Regarding 383.49

    The change in packet size decreases the ratio of header to payload. This is a good thing.

    The original configuration ran a packet size of 576 bytes, probably because the path-MTU (largest packet the routes between the client and server will support) discovery didn't (doesn't?) work quite right.

    These days, ISPs are more sensitive to these types of issues and will try to support full-frame MTUs, removing the need for a 576-byte limit.

    Don't worry if you're on dialup. There's nothing changing as far as data rates go. If anything, you'll notice a small decrease in load times since you'll be transferring more payload and less headers.
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