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Thread: Helian and Lunus ratio

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    Default Re: Helian and Lunus ratio

    Me I only have a Lunus
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    Default Re: Helian and Lunus ratio

    Quote Originally Posted by Sigvard View Post
    Two Lunus dragons and two Helians here (with a third incoming)! Prefer the Helian questline slightly, but tend to do the Lunus one out of simplicity.

    ... Less crafti-

    quoted for truuuuth! The Helian quest is actually really good...but...for the less-crafting purposes, I have more Lunus than Helian. 6 Lunus and 3 Helian
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    Default Re: Helian and Lunus ratio

    lunus without the prejudice
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    Default Re: Helian and Lunus ratio

    1 Lunus

    17 Helian (although one of those is a hatchling that refuses to ascend *points to signature below* but if she did, then she'd be Helian)

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    Default Re: Helian and Lunus ratio

    One Lunus dragon... Chose that faction because it fits Earthy more, as they are more like warriors. But in the future, I'll go for the Helian faction. I kind of feel, that the Helian Rite of Passage is more thrilling.

    Four years of playing and ongoing.

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    Default Re: Helian and Lunus ratio

    Always been Lunus, as I like their background and feel more in touch there. Anyway I normaly choose caster or scout classes over melee but I never was thrilled about the primal aspect of dragons in HZ, honestly... poor selection, weak animations, not balanced enough to concur with melee. Nothing against Helian storyline but it's not mine :P
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    when i chose to go lunus it wasn't because of how popular the faction was but because i enjoy the fighting aspect of istaria more then the grinding aspects of crafting =/.

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    I have no Adult yet, but my first one will be a Lunus. The Second one then will be a Helian i think.
    Normaly i like to use Magic, but this time i wanted to make a Meele Character at first. I think its also easier for beginning and makes it easier after it to raise a Helian Dragon.
    Both in the End both Factions have a very good and intresting lore, so i want to try both for sure.
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    Keep them coming.
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    I've got one hatchling that is ignoring the RoP for a while, but will be Helian once it decided to stop being so lazy, and one Adult Lunus.

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    Angry Re: Helian and Lunus ratio

    RuNath ponSleel, Knowledge Seeker, is a Helian. Originally, like many, he was going Lunus, cuz crafting ain't my thing, tho it's grown on me. Nor is spellcasting all that important to me (mostly use debuffs). Underpowered for the first magic users, imho, and pathetic dps compared to melee. BUT, at the point where I was to decide on faction I had to talk to that fek who leads the Lunus faction. HATE HATE HATE. >:[

    I wanted to rip his wing off and beat him to death with it, so there was no way in hells half acre I was going to join his faction and be 'under' his orders. So I ground an extra 10 or so craft mid-RoP and went Helian.

    So now I am the Indiana Jones of Helians. A fighting scholar.
    I have yet to meet a Lunus NPC that doesn't induce this reaction. I'd be leaving a lot of one-winged dragon corpses littering Dralk if I had my druthers.


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    one Lunus.

    i only have one dragon, but i've been playing him going on 6 years now. he's an old fogey.

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    Looks like Lunus outnumber the Helian by small bit but at least there is some of both.
    "There is no such thing as perfect. You're beautiful as you are. With all of your imperfections, you can do anything."

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    Helian here, but only by philosophy (i tend to see bipeds as cute as opposed to tasty)
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    Two Helians and one Lunus, so I voted Helian.
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    Default Re: Helian and Lunus ratio

    Only play one critter, and he's a loony!

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    Default Re: Helian and Lunus ratio

    I built Astair's RoP up with a lot of work, it took me 3 months. Lythio is going lunus tho.
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    Default Re: Helian and Lunus ratio

    I'm very surprised right now on how closely balanced the poll actually is right now.

    (you can minus 1 from the Lunus or add 1 to the Helian now if you like because I have both factions as ancient now ;P so I'm now nulled XD)

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    Helian. the only char. I've start another, with idia rise Lunus, but not sure, that have time on it

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    i guess its quite balanced because those factions are both actually interesting helian is more the magic, scientific and tend to like bipeds, lunus are more dark, but traditional and more into adventuring than crafting, both sides have their advantages, but even if their style is different, they are both nice factions and as far as I can see it now, they dont do MUCH of a difference at the end^^ so you dont get bad feeling about choosing the wrong one^^

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