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Thread: I'm Baaaack :)

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    Default I'm Baaaack :)

    It's been almost 3 years. The game is in so much better shape than it used to be. On top of that, in just two days, I've ran across 3 players from "the old days".

    Now to play catch-up

    My personal thanks to customer support for getting things back up and running for me so quickly.

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    Default Re: I'm Baaaack :)

    Hello, Yarsgo, and welcome back on Istaria. The community gained a lot of new players, I hope you'll enjoy it. Feel free to ask here or in game if you need help. If you log on Order, you can poke me, my name is the same than here.

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    Default Re: I'm Baaaack :)

    I remember you Yarsgo So good to have you back again. WB^^

    Enjoy the wonderful new things you will find in Iastaria

    Happy gaming

    Lovwyrm (Order and Blight)
    LovsKin (chaos)
    Lunalove (Order)

    Holla me ingame if you need anything
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Default Re: I'm Baaaack :)

    Welcome back! What Shard do you run around on?
    {{{Keziah - Lunus dragoness of Chaos, 100/100}}}
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    Default Re: I'm Baaaack :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Keziah SilverSky View Post
    Welcome back! What Shard do you run around on?
    Thanks Keziah- I play primarily on Chaos as Dominique Osiras (Saris), with my trusty gnome sidekick, Carryon Luggage as my "mule". My son has a hatchie there as well (Infernopolis). My guild went kaput, and I apparently lost my plot in Saritova (south end of it-luckily no techs/items lost), but other than that, things have been going real smooth - I initially left due to massive instability troubles- I couldnt see paying for something I couldnt use Apparently the issues have been resolved.

    And Lovskin! Wow, so great to see you are still here! I remember running into you on several occasions around Aug and outside Chicones.

    In my brief time back, I've seen so many familiar faces, it's really made me wish i had hung in there instead of leaving.

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