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    Question Hardware checking

    When I have the hardware check ticked in the launcher it causes heavy lag for some reason ideas?

    Once I get in game it take about an hour to two hours just to load the terrain.
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    Also experiencing massive lag and bugs after todays maintanence.

    Takes around 10-15 minutes for me to get through the loading screen to get in game.

    cannot craft anything sits there at creating items forever longest time tried is about 30 minutes.

    reloaded and now only all my Beginner recipes show up and can no longer make flax. etc

    game was working fine before maintanence.

    using windows vista 32

    intel core 2 quad cpu


    Finally the game loaded after posting this. The items are now creating properly and showing up but took about 10 minutes for the game to load it all. I did dump my world cache files.

    nvidia graphics card 8800 gt
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