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    Looking out over the Ocean, I see the storm rising once again, in days past it subsided and drifted back to sea, but the time has come for the Song of War to play once again in the ears of those gift, from those who remember the familiar tune, to those who will be newly added, when the storm calls the Song of War follows...

    Don't cry because its over,Smile because it happend

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    Welcome home Warsong!!


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    *serves Warsong a large mug full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy*
    welcome home!! :-)

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    Welcome back warsong
    ^.^ *Speed Demon of order..*

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    *raises a sleepy eyelid in response to the quickening of the wind*
    Perhaps it is time to wake up here too.

    Welcome back Warsong.

    Dracaena Starfyre

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