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    Thumbs up back to the roots...

    Greetings from an old "Ice" Dragon!

    I started playing Horizons (Istaria) on release as my very first real mmorpg and joined the nice little guild Ancient Forces on the Ice shard server. As the EU servers where merged and our guild broke apart, scattered in other games...I took my leave aswell, seeking for a new home.

    I never forgot about the great time I had here, so I decided to come back and take a look how things changed and to feel how I felt nearly 8 years ago.

    My formerly name FengRyu has been carried over to my new Dragon char, I also have two Sslik twinks, called Lethoxus and Lanse Long.

    I don't know how long I will stay, since I will try out sw:tor sooner or later but no other mmo before took such a big place in my heart.

    p.s. Oh and I'm currently on Chaos }:>

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    Wow, lots of veteran players returning lately.

    I'm a member of Order, but nevertheless, welcome back!

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    I like you have returned to this game after many years, I was on the Life server, but am now on Order. I am glad this game is still going well and hope that it continues.

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    Thank you, I'm also glad HZ still exists, it has always been something special above all other mmos for me. Most people in the present time only look at graphics and such when deciding upon if a game is worthy or not... it's a shame.

    In the past I was looking for something similar like this, only stumbled upon the game Trials of Ascension which release has been suspended indefinitely.

    There's a lack of games with such a great atmosphere, class/crafting system, aswell as story and exotic playable races,... anyway I'm hijacking my own thread xP

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    hello Feng, and welcome back

    Visit us on Order shard if you like- lots of Ice/Wind/Earth players here too.

    Viel Spass beim Spielen

    So many new things to explore experience and discover.

    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    Good to know, was little confused about the new shard allocation because the forum still lists unity plus some say, more players here...more players there.

    Danke und ebenso! ^..^

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    Hello Feng, and welcome back on Istaria. Feel free to ask here or in game if you need help, informations,... I hope you'll enjoy the game, its new content, and the community.

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    Like Feng I am a returning player as well. I last played at release on Life. It has been a while so I am still trying to get back into the groove of things. Currently on order and having a blast. I had completely forgotten how great the crafting system is in Istaria. That seems to be the one thing that drew me back. No other MMO out there has such a wonderful system of Adventure and Crafting.

    I also am loving the community, no other MMO has such a helpful and friendly group working together. So see you all in game and Happy Hunting.
    Eligus - Spearwoman - Order
    Omnes relinquite spes, o vos intrantes

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    Welcome back - nice to see someone else from Ice returning
    - Kesqui - Formerly of Ice, now of Chaos, lair in Liak
    First Rebirth 12-12-2003 / Ascended to Ancient 12-12-2010

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