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    Question going Shaman

    I'm planning on reaching the shaman prestige class.
    I will start as cleric, going up to lvl 10 and switching to druid, then level druid to 20+ while spending points into blight to reach the prerequisites for shaman.

    Given the fact that this is my first bi-ped I would like to know if there's something wrong with my planning?
    I know there are several infos out there but most are out of date like it seems, so if anyone has a hint or something, that would be very helpful.

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    You cannot put training points into a skill you do not already have. So you will NEED to take mage to 10 so you can take spiritist to get the blight skill. Not to mention, you would have to spend ~600 training points to get your blight skill high enough (base 200) if you didn't want to lvl spiritist. You can only spend at most half of your training points into any one skill/stat, so you would need 1200 training points, which you would not get until you had a school at lvl 100... so basically, it would be much better to lvl druid AND spiritist to lvl 20 before joining Shaman

    But you will enjoy shammy I know I did.
    Good luck!
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    Alright my bad, thought druid would come with blight skill. I will try it with druid/spiritist to 20 then ^^ thank you!
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    Shaman as a pure class is nature and blight skills, aside from the decay, ruin abilities, the only damaging blight they can use is withered state and malady all four listed are DoT (damage over time) type damage the main form a pure shaman uses while in combat is nature based spells.
    I also suggest taking either cleric or healer up with your shaman to make your shaman class more effective because shaman CAN use all life spells and all augmentation spells but only if you have another school like cleric to bring up the Life and Augmentation skills required to use those spells. So if your main is going to be shaman your likely better off putting your training points into the nature skills instead of the blight skill

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    I 100% second starlight. Put all you can into nature. The blight things will hit most of the time anyways. Mobs, even big evil endgame mobs, don't seem to have much blight ward or resistance.

    Also the healer is very important for the shaman as main. But you can do that afterwards, too. With nature you still have the revitalize and improved revitalize spells, which should help out till you reach lvl 100 with shaman.

    The healer is also important for amor use. Poor shaman is allowed to wear chainmail, but it's amor use gain is so low, that even at lvl 100 it is not allowed to wear T5 chainmail armor (at least when I first leveled my shaman). The healer gives more armor use and you can wear T5 armor.
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    As a side note, healer gives you +10 on focus skill, high focus helps in better healing AND in a better hit rate for all casting classes. After you finished shaman, druid and healer it's a good idea to get up mage for maximum power to deal more damage with all your spells
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