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    Firstly, I put in a resume with a local second hand store not too long ago and had a chat with the owner about my experience in computers and things like that. He gave me a response earlier in the week (About a week or two later) about becoming interested in having someone run an EBay store for him. Simply, he is finding that he has a good turnover for items in his shop but is finding himself having some difficulty managing the store and still having time to get all that put onto the internet store and have it done.

    He gave me a few things to work with and research pricing on to start (training in a sense). A bag of vintage clothes, the nameplate from an atari arcade machine, and a zipper bag that supposedly had a sega genesis in it.

    I got home and decided to flip open the bag to inspect the console's condition only to find it wasn't a genesis! It still was a sega, but one I had completely forgotten about and apparently one that is a dying breed due to capacitor problems (according to some reading I've done)...

    I opened it up to find a game gear and twelve cartridges, three of which are sonic games and one ecco game (oooo!). I zipped it up and set it aside a while to get some other things worked out in life.

    Decided to get around to testing if it still works as such matters are important to things set to be sold. Picked up the gamegear from the bag and was promptly shocked to find: Another one?!

    So now I have not one, but two, and another game cartridge in the second one.

    Sort of glad I did find the second one though. Seems the first isn't functioning. Spent the night trying to work my way through ecco on system number two, and from there it seems the rest of the stuff is still working.

    Looking forward to some other stuff I might be handling in the future... and to the fact people seem to buy everything on ebay.

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    Not sure why this is in "Rants", but uh..

    I have a Game Gear too, but it isn't quite working. Well, it works, but sometimes you turn the switch on, and it doesn't come on, and other times, you turn it on, it comes on, but the sound is all messed up.

    Oh well, that's what emulators are for I guess.

    And that Ecco game, you mean Tides of Time? I _really_ hated that stupid sky tube level. Other than that, the game was kinda fun.

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    Hee! I loved Tides of Time! I agree tho that the sky tube one was stupidly frustrating. There's a store near where I live that sells really old games like that, I've been tempted to buy their console that lets me play old Sega and Nintendo games more than a few times. Maybe one of these days I'll splurge

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    i still have mine, with it's official sega carrying case.

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