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    Im trying to complete quest from New Trismus which is to slaughter the Lone Wolf. According to wiki he is (marked on attached map as a dot), and i've serched (again on map, marked area). Yet second day no success in finding it. First i thought that someone just killed it, but after that two days, checking almost each hour for it either im searching wrong area or there is some problem with spawn.

    I would be grateful for help
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    He definitely still spawns in that area. The quest itself gives you directions if you watch your feedback. He spawns around a tree and the best way to reach him is to walk past the Ore Refinery.
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    ive noticed them when i first reach blacksmith with this quest, i followed that notifications, but as i reached tree it wasnt there. and since then i havent got those notifications again, even though i tried to start from blacksmith few times. i even sat under this tree for an hour and nothing

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    ok, after maintenance it spawned properly

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    I tried to do this quest on a human cleric of mine. She wasn't able to kill the wolf when she initially got the quest. I went to do the gifted emblem quest chain and ran off to the crescent shaped island to talk to the NPCs there. The wolf followed me all the way there. I managed to dodge its attacks and completed that part of the gifted quests; then I recalled.

    After I gained a few levels, I went back to look for the wolf at his spawn. No wolf. I ran back to the crescent isle, no wolf there either.

    This is on Chaos.
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    Ah, i have had that problem too, an ancient helped me, he found it half-way down the cliff, it was supposedly following someone trying to run away.

    So i would advise people to not run away when you are being attacked for it can't re-spawn there until it is killed and if it is not in the right place, it will run away if someone tries to kill it.

    This makes it hard for others, you either have to be good enough to kill it in one hit....or wait till maintenance.

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