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Thread: Tainted Essence orb formula(dragon)

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    Hello,doing all quest mastery 2, but on Shapering essence quest, master need me to craft tainted essence orb, but not have that formula.And to not give me in trade chat for beginning formula, im searching for all crafter and human crafter scholar to ma find anithing.
    Maybe beacause is still in trial account?:Im started to Ascension quest but my quest are autodeleted after 3/4 step .I think that is same thing so im waiting for my next subscrive.
    PS:Sorry again for my bad english..hope me explain a little good. Cya

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    Try the Alchemist and Enchanter trainers. I'm not sure if that is a Drop Only form though. I can't remember.
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    I see the Beginner Tainted Essence Orb formula on both the dragon craft trainer on New Trismus and the one in Chiconis. As far as I know, there are no gameplay limitations on Trial accounts; I've definitely heard of players becoming adult dragons while still on Trial.


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    I get formula from sholar trainer in New Trismus,just was i wrong browser item searching on the mercant trainers, so found many good new formulas,ty for help so much.Cya

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