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    Angry Attuned weapons

    I think it is annoying and pointless having rare items like epic bosses' claws attuned by a character once equipped, and then not being able to trade it, to give it to another character, whether it is another player's or not, considering its rarety and its value. I equipped an epic titem by mistake, having forgotten it would attune it to my character, and now, while I won't even use it as it doesn't fit my character's skills and way to fight. I wanted to trade it to another character, but now I can't do anything towards it.

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    Never had epic weapons in Istaria before but I would suggest instead of making the weapon bind to a specific charakter, make it bind to the whole account instead...if possible? The point to trade it to other players would, at least for me, take the epicness about the item.

    Edit: oh well forgot we don't have a shared bank, duh! <.<'

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    Maybe, but with other players too, would be better.

    And now I understand nothing, it seems my item is tradeable again while I had equiped and attuned it yesterday...
    But well, I hope it will stay like that so I'll be able to give it.
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    If epic items didn't attune, then there would probably be a point where nobody hunts the epic mobs anymore for their loot. The server would just end up having a number of Demon Claws (or whatever else) that just circulate between people.

    I'd agree with you if these items were attuned when you picked them up and not on equip, but the way it currently is encourages more players to go out on the epic hunts. The hand-me-down situation can't occur, so anyone that wants one needs to obtain a separate item for themselves. The on-equip part means they can obtain it whatever way they choose (go hunt, pay for it, receive via gift...), and I like that.

    It's unfortunate that you made a mistake, but I don't think it think it means attunement itself is a bad thing. It means forgetfulness is a bad thing. :P


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    Sure, but I personnally think it would encourage players more if the issues I was talking about in:
    ...were solved at least a bit by making it shorter, easier,... if you attune an epic item by mistake and can't trade it, then it will take dust in the vault if you don't plan to use it, as it isn't fitting to your skills and fighting methods, and with a single mistake (everyone can do mistakes at a moment or another, forgot things,...) a such rare and valuable item will be wasted.

    I acquired a while ago a Valkor blood sword piece, but I have no use of it and got no replies, nor on the forum nor in game, for a trade against a piece of a weapon I could use.

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    With such a small population it is very hard to find people who need the pieces you have for the pieces you need. It really would be easier just to complete a weapon and trade the weapons instead.

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    Yes WoW got rid of this exact issue (though it took them a few years to figure out the best solution and implement it).

    They still have BoP vs BoE (Bind on Pickup and Bind on Equip for stuff they want you to be able to sell/trade). But now even if something is BoP they put in a mechanic where you have 2 hours from the moment you looted it to trade it to another member *of your group only*. So that way if someone accidentally picks up an item or otherwise figures out they actually aren't going to use/need it they can still pass it to someone else who can - long as that person was in your group when you looted it.

    Awesome way of preventing those OH! moments and also gives a break to the CS department who was having to field tickets of "we accidentally gave this to our tank and we wanted it to go to our healer..." (where many times the GM would go in and fix it).

    I dont know the timer and such is an option for the Istarian engine - but perhaps some mechanic where if you loot something while in group you end up not using - you can still trade it to someone IN YOUR GROUP instead (or even with the limitation that you have to still be in group if the other isn't possible with ur current engine..).

    Course..any of that may be totally impossible.
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