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Thread: Would this be drastically out of line for a Fiend?

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    Default Would this be drastically out of line for a Fiend?

    Hello all!

    So I'm thinking about taking a trip through Istaria (only thing really holding me back now is if I'll be playing enough to sub up. Lots of things going on.) and I've been trying to select a race, my choice at this point coming down to what I would "fit" with most.

    I've whittled it down to Dryad and Fiend, which, of course, have two very juxtaposed personalities by typical lore. My main appeal with the dryad being their magic affinity (the phased city is impressive) and their hovering nature, but at the same time smaller races don't particularly suit me and it feels as though I would never be able to do their personality justice.

    Fiend on the other hand I feel would be much closer to the typical racial situation I find myself in, however, I'm unsure if the mindset I have in mind for this character is completely nonsensical relating to a Fiend, or if it seems plausible within a RP sense.

    Basically, while not exactly a cheerful one, he would be at least neutral to others he met, having a generally pragmatic look on things. When pressured or threatened, he would be more typical of a Fiend in that vengeance and fury would be immediately evident. Rather than the traditional worship of Niatha, he would not so much worship but observe the beliefs of Nyrevin. His primary motivation against the withered aegis not being to wipe it out because it is evil, but rather than it has thrown the cycle of death and rebirth drastically out of balance.

    I'm not sure if a Fiend NOT worshiping Niatha would be something that is right out absurd, so looking for opinion. I know ultimately it all doesn't matter, but even if just for myself I like to have a persona I can agree with and but don't want to tread into the realm of "ok I'm going to rework the lore a ton because I'm just special".

    ....and that was way longer than it should have been! Anyway, any input is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Would this be drastically out of line for a Fiend?

    I think either character would work as you describe. :-) There are some reserved dryads and most gifted do not go on about the god/goddesses. It's a pantheon, some just pick whichever deity seems most appropriate for the immediate issue.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Istaria!

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    Default Re: Would this be drastically out of line for a Fiend?

    Sounds alright.

    Just having one more player around who cares about whether their character fits into the lore is a great start.
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