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    I am angry, beyond belief. I had a wonderful christmas present dropped right into my lap with a howdy do Merry Christmas.

    In a nutshell, the howdy happy merry christmas was a nice joke, as whomever decided to break into my house and steal a locked heavy safe filled with my medication, irreplaceable items such as a rolex watch that my father bought right after the korean war. He left it to me to give to my son. Its gone. Tons of jewlery is gone too. They stole my sons xbox 360 but left the brain of it behind, as it could be traced to whoever stole it. They stole a sterling silver bracelet with charms that my mom had given me before she died. They stole my moms birthstone ring and and my sons girlfriends computer. We are still finding missing stuffs.

    In another nutshell they took my christmas away. They invaded my privacy and my life. They broke me down to tears that just dont seem to stop.

    If I have upset anyone with this post, I am terribly sorry. It just plain sucks for all that was lost, but moreso, my dignity.

    There is nothing more I can say, I am choked beyond belief with the flooding of tears. Why me? Why my son? Why my husband. Why hurt us so much?

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    I am really, truely sorry to hear that... I hope the burglars will be found by police and jailed, and that you will find back everything they have stolen...

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    You have my sincerest condolences during these sad times. However, I would ask you to reflect on what was not taken. You're here. Charlie's here. Your son's here. The things you listed are things. They hold sentiment and value, but they may be replaced. You and your family are not so easy to replace. For those facts, I will be ever glad.

    I also agree with LungTien. I do hope that whoever did it is caught and your items are returned.
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    That totally sucks. Words cannot express the levels that hurts to. I hope as the season goes on, you encounter enough love and kindness to help you past the hurt until you can find some peace again.

    Please know that although precious things were taken, you have friends who love and care about you. I suppose one relief is that the theft did not involve any physical injuries to you or your family in the process. I pray your spirits are renewed in the days ahead whether or not your possessions are returned - and like the others, I really hope the thief is caught, prevented from harming anyone else, and makes reparations as much as can be.

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    I am so sorry to here of your home invasion. Please please please contact your local PD(I am assuming you have). Hopefully you can provide serial numbers to all of your missing serialized property. Those items will/should go into the NCIC data-base which is monitored nation-wide. Hopefully something will turn up so this/these felon/felons end up in jail.
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