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Thread: The Glittering Dark is now open!

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    Default The Glittering Dark is now open!

    Welcome to The Glittering Dark!

    Conceived of and built as a semi-public lair servicing the general Dralk region, The Glittering Dark is pleased to formally announce that it is ready to assist you with your latest crafting endeavor or money-making goal.

    Located around 22080/29125, The Glittering Dark is within sight of the road in Lunak. To reach it from the Dralk portal pad, simply follow the road uphill out of town, taking the first left and then the next right. Once you're past the cliff on your right, follow it slightly uphill towards the lava oastics and it is on your left.

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    Default The Glittering Dark is now open!

    Features & Accommodations
    While built in no small part for beauty, The Glittering Dark was designed by a crafter for the benefit of crafters. Masterwork machines and shops abound, close to silos and crowned by a pawnbroker happy to take whatever you may have off your claws... or hands, as naka are welcomed and encouraged to make use of the lair as well.

    Amenities offered include a:
    • T6 pawnbroker, just past the foyer.
    • T6 cauldron for all your transmutation needs.
    • T6 crystalshaper, convenient for the titan azulyte of the Char.
    • T6 gemcutting bench, perfect for the gems of the region.
    • T6 essence channeler and scholar's desk for students of magic.
    • T6 stonecutter and stoneworking pedestal suitable for processing the local obsidian and granite.
    • T6 scaleforge and smelter, so easy to use that even a novice can do it!
    • vault access, to reduce trips back to Dralk.

    Please consult the latest update for information about the availability of silos.

    While the lair was designed to be as easy to get around in as possible, the owner recognizes that some visitors may still find it difficult to navigate. A map of the upper floors is thus provided for anyone who might find it useful.

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    Default The Glittering Dark: latest news, Dec '11

    Openings & Closures
    With the grand opening, the Glittering Dark is pleased to announce that all machines and the pawnbroker are open to the public. T6 machines provide a +90 skill bonus to applicable work; T6 pawnbrokers ensure the best prices for all non-oddities, non-trophies goods you may wish to sell, subject to the standard pawnbroker price decrease as you sell more of a single good.

    Silos unfortunately remain private for the time being while in use completing the lower portions of the lair. Some silos may occasionally be made public without notice; however, if absolutely require a silo, you are probably best off looking elsewhere.

    Work Opportunities
    Some simple finishing touches and basic structures remain unfinished in the upper portions of the lair. To expedite their completion, the owner has allotted 100c per simple T1 unit, 150c per complex T1 unit to be paid to anyone who works on them. Novice lairshapers who haven't found other work yet are invited to consider this offer!

    Other unfinished portions of the lair feature work ranging from the simplest beginner to the most difficult master, but do not have coin allotted for their completion. Please make sure you're working on paying sections if that's what you're seeking.

    Whatever you're working on in the Dralk region, whether it's as many gems as you can carry or a few specialty scales, we hope to be of service. May your crafting be precise and your profits high!

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    Default Re: The Glittering Dark: latest news, Dec '11

    wowsers, beautiful work! :-)
    is it safe for a gnome to explore or did you put in gnome traps along the way? ;-)

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    Default Re: The Glittering Dark: latest news, Dec '11

    Wow, that looks awesome.Very nice work

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    Default Re: The Glittering Dark: latest news, Dec '11

    It doesn't feel proper to call them "traps" if the only ones they ever ensnare are those so absent-minded that they've made a habit of falling off of cliffs and ledges without checking what's at the bottom first.

    Openings & Closures
    We are pleased to announce that The Glittering Dark is complete! Everything from the top to the bottom, be it the grandest of rooms or the most humble of murals, is finished. Yeah, we didn't think it'd ever happen either, but there it is.

    What this means for you: all silos are now open to the public for the foreseeable future. The rules of being a good neighbor apply: don't use more silos than you need, don't run off with other peoples' resources without their permission, and don't leave things behind if you're done crafting for a bit. I reserve the right to reorganize or remove the contents of silos if I deem them to be causing problems; I may also close the silos if they're causing too many problems. Silos are a privilege, not a right. That said: I have no interesting in being a fire-breathing dictator, so just use the silos sensibly and kindly. It's not teleportation magic.

    With the completion of the lair, the owner hopes that crafters of all experience will find it useful for larger projects. May your results be good and your wealth great!

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    Default Re: The Glittering Dark: latest news, Dec '11

    HUZZAH!! COMPLETION!!! Awesome Thicklesip!!
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    Default Re: The Glittering Dark: latest news, Dec '11

    yay thicklesip! i'll have to scout out any possible gnome traps within it sometime soon! :-)

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    Default Re: The Glittering Dark is now open!

    Wow, how nice! And congratulations! I'll have a look
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    Default Re: The Glittering Dark is now open!

    Under New Management
    Due to my increasing unavailability, the lair has been sold to Radier. The general public should experience no changes-- the lair will be there, as it has been, and open to the public. But this most illustrious one will no longer be in charge of it.

    Thank you Radier for agreeing to be the new caretaker, and may everyone's crafting continue!

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