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    Hi everyone!

    I'd like to make the official announcement that the Inn the Brig Tavern & Consignment are open for business You can find us conveniently located southwest of the portal ring in Genevia (coords 15506/14606).

    Currently, we have a variety of T1/T2 items stocked at a very good price:

    *Full complement of t1 tools (all socketed or teched)
    *T1 jewelry
    *T1 weapons (all socketed)
    *T1 cargo gear
    *Sandstone cargo disk
    *T1 & T2 backpacks
    *T1 spells
    *Food for deathpoint reduction and dexterity/evasion improvement
    (with an additional bonus for consumption at our medium tavern!)

    We can also do special orders for many items not listed above. Just send a PM to Brighde or Delicat in-game and we'll make your item

    Many thanks,
    Brighde (Bronwynne, Speir, Qetesh, Eithne, PluggUggy)
    United Artisan Workers Guild
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    You Go Brig...
    Elated that HZ is no longer in the hands of the Infidels.

    Now.. I may have to split my time between 2 games... CS:S and HZ...

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    Good luck with your enterprise

    Hurray! Mor
    rison is back at his house near Bristugo!
    And the wisps on wis
    p isle are moving again!
    If you can't see 'em, you know you've got proper invisible runes.

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    Thank you both!

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