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    Hello all, I am a new player and am very interested in the game, now to the point where I am trying to find a reliable guild to join. I am looking for a group to hang with that has a "band of brothers" mentality. It has been hard looking at guilds because When I browse for them in game it seems when I join the channel I often get no responses. Maybe I am just cursed to be on when the majority of people are not logged in? Anyway Look forward to getting to know people in this game, happy hunting all!

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    You don't mention which shard you're on, Daewa, but, if you happen to be on Order, there are several Guilds which might have what you're looking for...and, I'm sure the same can be said for the Chaos shard, although I've never been there (preferring RP). My advice would be to chat with any players you happen to encounter who have Guild tags, and see what they have to say about their Guild. Some Guilds actively recruit while others are content to have members come to them; some are very welcoming to new players, while some others prefer having more experienced players as members. Speaking personally, I chatted with members of a number of Guilds, and, even formed my own for a while, before recently joining Scions.

    Good luck in your search, and, if you're on Order and happen to see me, feel free to say hi!
    Cogito, ergo sum Draconem.

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    Hello there Daewa welcome to istaria.
    I am on chaos my self and i am in the guild Timeless
    we have a Timeless-public chat which for the most part is active
    hope you give it a try and if not feel free to still hang out there to make friends

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    Thanks for the advice, I have looked around a bit and settled down with the Scions as well, They seem like a top notch group of good people. Will still be visiting other chat rooms to get to know the community in general

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