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    *the book itself is a wonder to behold, made of a unknown number of pieces of the Dragonesses horde covered entirely of silver on the cover with a large blue sapphire in the center surrounded by a intricate pattern of lesser aquamarines. The pages inside are countless of pure white paper with what writing to be found written with as if in gold by primal energies*

    Its been a long while since I have written inside one of these but I have alas decided to take forward a new chapter into my life and leave the boundaries of the library I've hidden myself away into for these countless seasons and turns around the sun. I am known or perhaps not known by the name of Iseia, To the best of my memories give my parents of hatching are Zarla and Vyyridiun both long passed away and now call Romirez father should he still live. I was known to be a hatching of the sun with a cheerful personality and try to still act in such a manner as a way to give hope to those around me. I do not recall what happened entirely but at a point in my growing up I came to a point I slept for countless moons and by the time I had awoken my mother had passed to my dismay, that may be the reason I hid and slept more for so long. However that time Ive hid away was not free. in these lands It is not normal for a dragon to age as Ive done but perhaps it is as Mint elf told me it could be related to the reason I was also sleeping that I grown quickly like our kind of the far past.
    I've now returned to what we Dragons call civilization finding myself in the clearing often. To my enjoyment I often find many hatchlings there and for a reason I yet know why I have a strong desire to protect and watch over them. Perhaps this is a natural feeling of most adults but as I said, It is one I enjoy very naturally. I wish I seen it before but what one learns from books of our ancients is much different than what one learns with ones eyes. Ill go and now learn a new form of wisdom only able to be gained with such. as I do so perhaps with it written another can read and learn what I had then go forth and see it for them self when this book too goes among the many of our elders.

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    It is nice to see that some things never change in these lands or rather actually improve. The clearing I had grown up in has not changed in so long yet now I find many more hatchlings that I cannot resist keeping away. Unfortunately it seems most still have it hard compared to how I had with such sad stories I wish I only knew how to make them forget. I decided for now what I can do is at least serve as my role and make their growing up for now enjoyable as possible. I cannot believe how cunning they are to us but it is most enjoyable to play with them in the little ways I can. Even when I don't wish too they easily make me laugh and smile. It makes me wonder if this was how I made my elders feel when i too was small?

    When all the hatchings In the clearing went off to doze for a nap I decided to go off to see if the other known gathering points were still in use where I came to the plains only to see a human child and a Ancient perhaps the greatest in size I yet seen and likely in age as well. It seems he was among the first of our kind to get in good relations with bipeds and actually have a relationship with one from what I picked up. He was greatly interested in the two Bipeds that watched over me, Mint elf and much more so in the Human Runekeeper Dygath I spoke of. The human being like a hatching seemed to quickly doze off allowing us to speak freely until a Large male happened to land and seemed only look upon me. He called himself Duragis and it seemed every bit I spoke he had a way to counter my words and make it spin to a point I didn't know what to do and actually froze when he came much closer. I never before had a male come to me in such a manner and eventually said he wished to court me. I took a huge misunderstanding thinking he asked something much more serious and seemed to hurt him with my rejection but by the time I figured out what he really was asking in my embarrassment I found it wont hurt to at least allow him to have a chance as long as I am not forced upon anything.

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    It is surprising how few Adults I see in the clearing with such so many hatchlings about, it makes me wonder why. To my surprise, today I was asked several times if I had young ones of my own or asked which little one was mine playing in the clearing. Is it expected or looked upon by others that I have some already? I feel I have much more to learn before I take such steps.
    On a different note, I for the first time had to give one of the hatchlings a punishment for seriously harming a elder with a practical joke. I think they were so badly frightened by the results of the joke that they failed to feel the snip of primal energy i sent to their tail but even so it felt like I tore a part of myself in being required to scold them. The hatchling seemed to have had been born in a horrible place where they punish even new hatchlings the same as adults. The hatchling felt it needed to punish itself for its misbehavior attempting to mar her paw. Acting quickly I thank my mother for having me learn primal for I was able to give her heals giving her a long talk at the same time but it had a sour feeling I was then scolding myself then for not seeing the danger. I hope in the end that one decided to follow the words I gave it.
    I met the great ancient again today, whom asked I call him Chio. to my surprise he is very good with the hatchlings but that could be a result of his many years of wisdom. Perhaps one day I will have him teach me a few things I am unsure of. For a ancient he would be among the few not ill tempered to my relief, it is good to have some help with being overwhelmed by so many little ones. Also to my surprise Duragis is also amazingly well and kind to hatchlings a trait growing up I did not see in many males. He was able to spot problems I could not and solve them before becoming issues and do them in such a way none were left unhappy. To my dismay it began pouring rain and storming while we in the clearing and Duragis spotting how much I was hating it gave a wing to keep the rain away. For that I am very much deeply grateful for I cannot begin saying my such deep hatred to rain. Either way the hatchlings seemed to realy love the rain and were able to have great fun.
    My father, Romirez also showed today and it seems him and Duragis know each other Incredibly well. There was some whispering between them leaving me confused until Father asked if Duragis was courting me. After I said yes to my surprise father accepted this almost much too well. He with no objection told me that he hopes we live long and happy together but I cannot help yet feel he hid something from me. I am left here baffled.
    It was however good to see father again, knowing he still lives is one comfort to me. Though looking upon him it seems the loss of mother still hurts him heavily and I understand the feeling as well.

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    Duragis and I have now bonded. I too now like Mother have a golden ring on my own horn and it reminds me of the happiness it brought her as it does the same to me. It is a odd feeling to be having company with me again here in Moyo lake but the feeling is welcome. Every time I now visit the clearing, Elders and Papa Romirez bug me with many questions about when I will have hatchlings.. I have thought much about it and it is a warm feeling to think about in the future but for now, Duragis and I focus on expanding our lair that was once mothers and now my own.

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    Our lair has finally been made larger and me and Duragis have finally decided to have our own hatchlings. because of such I am now holding eggs of my own though I now am shy of going to the clearing. Every time I go now, most the residents seem to stare at me for long periods. Ive now gotten the hang of landing softly and curl myself in ways to keep pressure off my eggs within me. Mint elf seems the most bewildered I am in this such manner though. I can never really tell whats going on in his head... What is to come I know not but I am glad I have come this far.
    on a side note, Druagis seems to have gotten quite good at preening my scales

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    The day has finally come! my hatchlings are starting to hatch! after several months of having laid them I rarely left their side keeping them as warm as I could. There was three eggs I had laid originally, though now two have hatched my third stays still quiet. Of the two that hatched, one is a female, and the other a male. I have named them Haya, for my Aoretaa and Thuras for my Aoretao. Haya seems much like I was back then when I was little clamping to me, her mother and yet still wanting to get into everything she sees. She looks much like her father. Thuras is a overprotective one of his sister and tries to puff up making himself look bigger and stronger. Hahah he holds my beautiful scales though they are a couple shades darker. Its a wonderful feeling to watch them play and I wonder now if this is what mother always felt when she would sit happily even though she did nothing but watch me and my sister play?

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    I spend most my days now here in Moyo lake, my hatchlings are growing so very fast and often wander off to some trouble elsewhere. I rest easy because I know Duragis is often watching over them. My third one, has finally hatched to my joy, A little female, who had me worried that she passed on within her egg for a long time. Her scales are a dark grey somewhat like mothers though if the sun hits her scales you can see the blue of my own scales within them. I have named her Crisaron. She is really quite a shy one and even when we are alone she is very cautious yet I as her mother can see her wanting to be curious. I try my best to push her to try and explore though I do love playing with her.

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    (( oohhh i really should try to be more active... i missed rom's grandkids. but i'm not sure if i can keep the subscription due to financial issues. Romirez is not dead by any means if Issy thinks that. as an Ancient, he has started along the path of being a true Elder dragon, focused on many studies. so just pretend Romirez is away alot.))

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