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Thread: The Istarian Academy needs YOU!

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    Default The Istarian Academy needs YOU!

    After returning to play in Istaria, I realized that new players and bi-peds in particular could use some assistance.

    SO I started The Istarian Academy.

    It is a guild designed to help new and returning players get a leg up on the game and minimize the frustrations that naturally happen when you are new.

    We are only accepting Bi-Ped members at this time, in an effort to promote more new players picking biped races to see the full spectrum of the game.

    This is not a comment on dragons, it is just that dragons are already well represented and do not need this help.

    If you are interested, here are a few things to take note of...

    We already have a guild town and a few free plots left for guild members and can assist on getting other plots.

    We can help you with any tools, armor or anything else you may need, as Aamer is a very high lvl crafter able to make anything at all.

    We also respect those of you that would like some help but prefer to figure things out yourself. Spoilers are kept to a minimum.

    So, send a tell to either Bertold, or Aamer if interested...

    ( type /t Bertold then your message )
    Aamer Khan : The Eyes of Istaria : First Herald of Istaria
    Helper to those in need, Guide to the newly gifted, Friend and neighbor to all.

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    Default Re: The Istarian Academy needs YOU!

    It would help out these new members if you would tell them what shard you are on.

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    Default Re: The Istarian Academy needs YOU!

    I think he's on Chaos
    I just lost the game.

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    Default Re: The Istarian Academy needs YOU!

    Yes he is on chaos. I wish we had one on order, so that we could help new players more, without them begging for us to pl them. Help does not mean power leveling.

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