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Thread: Aspire One with HD Radeon 6290

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    Default Aspire One with HD Radeon 6290

    Been trying to get game running on a Aspire one with HD 6290 graphics, it gets to the load screen and shows it going thru the steps to load and when that screen disappears to load the actual game nothing loads up. I can get Guildwars and DDO to work just fine on it so I'm fairly sure it's not the game requirements holding it up. Anyone have any I deas?

    Netbook Specs are
    Windows 7
    Radeon HD 6290
    2 gig of ram
    Dual Core C60 CPU

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    Default Re: Aspire One with HD Radeon 6290

    This sounds like a small hiccup I've had before, fortunately for me, I just had to keep re-running the launcher till it kicked in properly and then (almost) never seemed to have the issue again, but I doubt you'll be that lucky. My first guess/question would be, what launcher are you using? Are you using the most recent Java launcher? (The one that looks awesome, not the old Java launcher that shares the same colours as these forums).

    My other question revolves around your OS. Have you run Istaria on W7 before? The only reason I ask is, others have had permission issue and the likes cause by W7. Sometimes it requires changing folder (and sub-folder) properties to make sure they are NOT read-only. Also, try running the launcher in Admin mode. Last by not least, try copying the entire folder to some other location, ie so it is not within your Program Files folder, something that sits directly under C: would be my suggestion.

    Good luck!!
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    Default Re: Aspire One with HD Radeon 6290

    I did get it to work finally, just installed Vista on it and presto. I get 8-9 fps steady, not good for fighting but will craft well. HappensOnlyToMe

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