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    I know this section is more for guilds than people looking for them but there doesn't seem to be a Looking for Guild section. I'm newly returned to the game, as a free player for now. I'm playing on Order, looking for a mildly IC guild. There are times I will prefer to OOC chat, but other times I'd like to be in character and perhaps build relationships with other characters. RP does take a mental toll on me sometimes though so I cannot be in character constantly.

    Basically I'd like to know if there are any friendly guilds out there who would like to take in a relative newbie. I'm a very nice person, and I value community highest among values in an MMO. I played FFXI on and off for 6 years purely because of my guild DragonsElite.

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    Join channels! That's probably the best thing to do. There's a number of guilds out there. I'd poke you towards AA Recruit as one. It's suppose to be kinda the jibber jabber channel. We have an RP channel as well though. But ya, hang out, talk, stuff! Group up! There's also New Trismus for finding folk and doing a little light hearted stuff.

    I generally like to join groups and go out into the world and do stuff =) Like build plots!

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    I'm a relative newbie, myself, as my character is only 7-months old or so, and I had never heard of Istaria before then.

    Joining Dragon Channel helped a lot, exposing me to a number of very friendly folks, along with their Guilds. After a couple of false starts, I joined Scions, and haven't regretted that choice: great group of very helpful people, fun OOC chat and some IC stuff, as well.

    But, there are several other guilds that could be described the same on Dragon channel, get to know some folks...and, by all means, if we happen to meet in-game, give me a shout!
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    Honestly I would look in Dragon but I'm a biped. Not sure how accepting the people in Dragon chat are of Humans. :3

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    You'll be loved and adored! And they'll probably be fighting over who gets the leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chioxin View Post
    You'll be loved and adored! And they'll probably be fighting over who gets the leg.
    *uses massive Thickle-bulk to crush Chioxin*

    Bipeds are welcome in Dragon chat as long as they mind their manners. The same rule applies to dragons, though, so-- please stop by if you're looking for people. And don't be afraid to say hi to get people talking-- sometimes we're busy, but people will often be free to chatter.

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    You are welcome on Strata chat any time.

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